Eric Fructuoso Starts Business with Just Php5,000 as Capital

Remember how actor Eric Fructuoso went viral for driving a tricycle? While that wasn’t actually for real, the actor did experience hard times and was reduced to just Php5,000 in his wallet. But instead of giving up or asking money from friends, he used that last money to start a business – and he’s now doing great!

Actor Starts Business with Php5,000 Capital

As a former “Gwapings,” Eric Fructuoso is a popular actor in the Philippines. That’s why he quickly went viral when he was spotted driving a tricycle. Netizens immediately jumped to the conclusion that he’s become poor and now drives a tricycle to make a living.

After learning about it, a showbiz friend whom Eric didn’t name quickly sent him Php20,000. He refused to accept it, but the friend told him that it was already sent through a money remittance service.

Though he wasn’t driving a tricycle as a job, Eric admits that he was really broke at the time. But he didn’t use his friend’s money to splurge on stuff. Instead, he gave Php10,000 to the mom of his four children, Php5,000 to his mother, and used the remaining Php5,000 to start his business.

Eric Fructuoso Starts Business with Just Php5,000 as Capital
Photo credit: Eric Fructuoso

Using the hashtag #GwapingsMoto, he began selling caps and other merchandise. A lot of fans and friends supported his business. It quickly grew and let him have enough capital to expand and open another business, Gwapigs Porkchop.

Who would have thought that for just that small amount, he was able to earn so much money that he can now buy anything he wants and even send money for his children’s tuition fees – in just a span of a few months?

Yung feeling na dati wala ka, tapos ngayong ‘paag maglalabas ka ng pera…ang sarap lang ng feeling. Lahat ng ginagawa mo para sa anak mo,” Eric tearfully admitted.

Watch his inspiring video here:

How Much Capital to Start a Business?

While people have this notion that you’ll need a lot of money (like a million pesos) to start a business, Eric and many successful entrepreneurs out there have proven that as little as Php5,000 or even less can grow into something big.

You can even start a business for free, as long as you have the skills and the basic tools or equipment already available at home.

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