Establishing A Rice Dealership Business

Most Filipinos definitely couldn’t live without rice. Regardless if the price goes up, people will keep purchasing this food since that’s how it goes in the country – a meal is not a meal without rice.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a rice dealership business, then that’s an excellent choice.

selling rice
Photo Credit: Manila Speak

Here’s how to get started:

Legal Requirements

First, you need to register with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) if you will be operating as a sole proprietor. On the other hand, partnerships and corporations should register with the Securities Exchange Commissions (SEC) while cooperative members may contact the Cooperative Union of the Philippines. The next step is to obtain a license from the National Food Authority (NFA) and then you’ll be ready to open a store.

Location and Storage

Location is everything in business and so it is with rice dealership. Opening a store in your barangay is fine since you wouldn’t have too much competition. On the other hand, you may also want to consider getting a store in a public market or other high-traffic areas if you want to earn bigger.

A good storage is also a must to succeed in this industry. Bukbok or bol weevil is your mortal enemy. Also, make sure that your storage area is not in a flood-prone area.

Equipment and Supplies

You need several rice boxes where you will put different types of rice on display. Along with that, you need a big scooper and a durable weighing scale. A pushcart is also important so you can transport sacks of rice much easier. Remember to have sando bags of different sizes.

Be A Rice Expert

This is not only about being familiar with various types of price but being aware about their current prices in the market as well. That way, you know how much you should sell them by kilo or by sack. Also, make sure that you buy your rice from trusted sources so you can offer your buyers with the best quality.

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