4 Filipino Vloggers You Can Follow For Tips On Business & Investing

There’s a reason why vloggers are such a hit. Many people would rather watch videos than read! If you’re one of those people who enjoy spending time on YouTube, make it productive and learn about business and investing. There are many vloggers who can teach, inspire, and guide you to start investing or building your dream business.

4 Filipino Vloggers You Can Follow For Tips On Business & Investing
Images by Facebook/ Chinkee Tan, Charm de Leon, Youtube: Agribusiness How It Works

Note that there are so many popular entrepreneur vloggers out there. We chose the big accounts, as well as the budding ones, which we think are some of the best.

1. Chink Positive

Chinkee Tan has over 2.08 million followers on Youtube alone and has many more on his other socials. Chinkee is dubbed the “Pambansang Wealth Coach ng Pilipinas,” as he teaches Pinoys to save, invest wisely, and build successful businesses. His range of topics varies from entrepreneur business planning, how to earn money on TikTok, money rules, best investments, business ideas with low capital, and much more. There’s so much to learn from this YouTube, so check out Chinkee’s channel.

2. Charm de Leon

With over 204,000 subscribers on Youtube, Charm de Leon is definitely popular among millennials and those in need of “adulting” advice when it comes to money, finances, and business. In 2 years, she was able to build 11 sources of income! Among her topics include the stock market, real estate, Pag-ibig MP2, best online side hustles to try, and many more. Plus, she presents her videos in appealing and interesting ways, so it’s not boring to learn. Give this YouTuber a like, if you want to learn more.

3. Patricia TV

This 21-year-old vlogger has over 61, 600 followers and Patricia TV is really passionate about the e-commerce business. We chose to feature her because she makes videos about some of the basics of entrepreneurship and e-commerce. Some of her topics include online selling business ideas for beginners, how to be an online seller, how to earn on Shopee, how to build a business page and many more. If you’re into the e-commerce business, this channel could guide you to get started.

4. Agribusiness How It Works

This may seem a bit far off from the other vloggers, but it focuses on business and investing no less. With over 875,000 followers, Mr Agribusiness can teach you all about investing your money in agribusiness. He also gives guides on different agribusinesses to help them be successful. Even more, the channel features inspiring stories to get you motivated to get started. This channel is one of the most followed vloggers on agribusiness.

There you go! These are just some of our recommended bloggers if you want to learn about business and investing. There are many more “hidden gems” of Youtubers out there. Share in the comment section, some of your favorite vloggers!

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