Franchising Aquabest Water Refilling Station

In planning to find a franchise business to open, the well-known names and brands often cost you more in terms of franchise fees and total investment. However, these are also the names that often don’t need local advertising because the parent company takes care of that for your, sometimes at an added but minimal cost to franchisees.

Known to be one of the leading water refilling franchises in the Philippines, Aquabest is endorsed by big stars like Dawn Zulueta and Gabby Concepcion. So, there’s really no need for you to introduce the brand. People will recognize the name once you set up shop.

What’s important is that you pick a good spot where there’s a good customer base – and you could also advertise locally, but people don’t need a lot of convincing to buy.

Franchising Aquabest Water Refilling Station
Photo credit: Aquabest

Using S.O.U.L. Technology, known to be the highest water treatment system, Aquabest lets you provide the safest and best water for your customers.

Franchising Aquabest

Franchise Fee: Php100,000

Machinery: Php500,000

The franchise costs include the following:

  • Seminar and training before availing Aquabest franchise
  • Machine installation
  • Use of brand, logo, operating manual
  • Service and logistical support
  • Staff training
  • Water treatment service
  • Delivery vans and renovation (Optional)
Franchising Aquabest Water Refilling Station
Photo credit: Carousell

To franchise Aquabest, follow the following steps:

Step 1. Completely fill out the form on the ‘Contact Us’ portion of Aquabest official website. You are required to provide the proposed site, possible schedule for you to visit their office for your business proposal and presentation, and other information that you believe will help you get an approval.

Take note that the proposed site needs a minimum required space of 28 sqm. It should also have a toilet and stock room.

Step 2. Attend orientation at their main office in Quezon City.

Step 3. Wait for the site inspection from the Aquabest team.

Step 4. Once approved, pay the franchise fee and start processing your business.

Take note also the franchisees need to pay a monthly fee of Php4,000 for advertising fees. But this is a minimal fee considering that the brand advertises through promotional ads on TV, billboards, and other marketing strategies.

Franchising Aquabest Water Refilling Station
Photo credit: iFranchise Philippines

For more inquiries, contact Aquabest through the following channels:

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