Franchising a McDonald’s Outlet in the Philippines

While the Philippines has Jollibee to cater to the taste of Pinoys, many Filipinos have also come to love McDonald’s, especially because the international chain offers items not available from Jollibee and does have better toys and more options for kids.

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Of course, it could not be argued that more Filipino kids and their families prefer Jollibee but you still have a stable market for McDonald’s in the country – especially because there are also a lot of tourists visiting the Philippines and a lot of Filipinos also enjoy their offers.

Today, there are at least 150 McDonald’s outlets in the Philippines ever since the fastfood chain opened its first store in 1985.

By ( [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By ( [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
If you want to franchise McDonald’s be prepared to have a good amount of money but ROI is quite good – especially because the brand is well known.

In franchising a McDonald’s outlet, you’ll need to shell out anywhere from Php30 million to Php50 million; though the costs can be higher under various circumstances, including how large you want the store to be.

Aside from restaurant size, factors that could affect the final cost of franchising include:

  • Site location
  • Suitability of existing buildings
  • Equipment specifications depending on what the branch can offer on the menu

Main McDonald’s Products you can offer:

  • McDo Chicken Meals
  • McSpaghetti
  • McNuggets
  • Twister Fries
  • McFlurry
  • Happy Meal
  • Burger McDo
  • Big Mac
  • Big n’ Tasty
  • Quarter Pounder
  • Fillet-o-Fish
  • Caramel Sundae
  • Hash Browns
  • Coffee

Standard Package Inclusions for the Franchise include the following:

  • Architectural Planning and Design Fees
  • Building and leasehold improvements and other relevant site works necessary
  • Seating, signages and décor
  • Cash registers
  • Kitchen, air-conditioning and exhaust equipment
  • Emergency generators
  • Other furniture and fixtures

To franchise, contact McDonald’s through the following:

The Franchising Department
McDonalds Philippines
17th Floor, Citibank Center Bldg.
8741 Paseo de Roxas St.,Makati City

Source: Pinoy Money Talk

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