Franchising RBX Rice In A Box

A lot of people are too busy to prepare their own meals at home as they rush to work, especially if they have to commute far to reach their school or workplace. But thanks to options like RBX Rice In A Box, many found an easy way to enjoy a take-out meal at an affordable price.

RBX Rice in a Box

Rice In A Box is a popular take-out company that started in Manila’s Chinatown back in 1999. Popularly known as RBX, the restaurant revolutionized the meals-on-the-go concept, thanks to its complete, easy to prepare meals. The restaurant would soon grow to over 200 branches nationwide.

What’s nice about Rice In A Box is that it offers a wide range of food choices at affordable prices. You can enjoy a full meal for just Php50. Easy on the wallet, Rice In A Box is popular among workers and students on a budget. Thus, the product is also not hard to sell at all.

franchising rice in a box

Photo credit: RBX Rice in a Box / Facebook

The brand even partnered with food delivery services such as GrabFood, to better provide customers with more options to enjoy their food. But you can also opt to offer delivery service from your branch as well.

How to Franchise RBX Rice in a Box

For as low as Php350,000, you can already own a Rice in a Box outlet. The franchise agreement is valid for 3 consecutive years and is non-refundable. Franchisees in good standing can renew the franchise for another 3 years, provided they pay the renewal fee.

Aside from having a low space requirement of just 4sqm, Rice in a Box is a great franchise option because it does not collect royalty fees.

To franchise RBX Rice in a Box, send the following information to [email protected]:

  • Applicant’s name and contact number
  • Specific location of desired site, with landmarks
  • Rental rates and terms
  • Time and date applicant is available for possible interview

For more information, visit their website at or call them at these numbers:

  • (02) 367-3097
  • (02) 367-3098
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