Guide: Becoming a Financial Advisor

Are you interested in becoming a financial advisor? It’s a career that’s helping a lot of people earn money while also teaching others take charge of their finances.

Financial Advisor Helps People Take Charge of Finances

Financial advisors help people change their mindset about money.

Filipinos are slowly learning to be financially independent as we throw away the old “bahala na” attitude and the many superstitions about saving or insurance myths.

Guide: Becoming a Financial Advisor

For example, many Filipinos no longer believe that saving money could make someone in their family get sick so they have to spend the money. Instead, we now feel happy that we have the money to pay for the medical bills, in case someone in the family gets sick.

Financial advisors get to earn money while helping others take charge of their finances – it’s certainly a win-win, situation, right?

Becoming a Financial Advisor

Today, there are many different companies that you can join as a financial advisor.

Some examples include:

  • Insular Life
  • PruLife UK
  • Sun Life Financial
  • Manulife

Study & Take Licensure Exams for Financial Advisors

You actually need to have a license to practice as a financial advisor. So, your first goal is to pass the licensure exam.

Often, financial advisor teams or companies provide training and review classes to help you out.

Be sure to study the materials provided.

Guide: Becoming a Financial Advisor

The many financial aspects of this licensure exam can be overwhelming, especially for newbies. Instead of just memorizing all the information, we suggest understanding these aspects and practicing the calculations until you master them all.

Finding Clients & Growing as Financial Advisor

Once you pass the licensure exam, ask your manager or team leader about what you can now do in the company. You might already be allowed to accept clients.

Even when that’s already the case, don’t forget to continue studying and updating yourself about the ins and outs of this career.

Make sure to participate in training, whether classroom or online, to continually improve yourself.

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