How to Franchise 7-Eleven in the Philippines

These days, a lot of convenience stores are popping up across the country. The phenomenon is taking the country by storm that you’d often see a 7-Eleven shop even in small towns and not-so-busy cities. The booming call center industry across the country is a major factor why you’ll find a lot of these shops in the Philippines.

What makes 7-Eleven a popular option to franchise is that the total investment only starts at around Php1.5 million – and that already includes the franchise fee! You won’t also need a lot of space. All you need is around 120 sqm of floor space to operate a 7-Eleven franchise. Yet the store is very popular.


Elmer nev valenzuela [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

But it is also possible that you might need to shell out as much as Php3.5 million to 5 million, depending on a number of factors. These are just mere estimates and do not include the mandatory 12% VAT.

Why Choose 7-Eleven?

With its excellent brand recall and the fact that the name is known across the world, 7-Eleven is clearly a good choice among convenience stores. Aside from toiletries, beverages, and chips, the store also sells some basic school supplies and various grocery items, including chips, breads, spreads, snacks, and surprise toys.

Because 7-Eleven also offers its own line of fastfood items such as siomai, siopao, hotdogs, coffee, and even lunch and dinner favorites, it is easy to see why the store is really a popular hangout among students and workers alike.

How to Franchise 7-Eleven

To apply for franchise or ask further questions, contact

The applicant should, of course, be financially capable of funding the investment. The company might require additional details of employment and source of funds, to ensure that you can really afford to run the business.

Take note that 7-Eleven requires franchisees to be the ones directly overseeing the store operations.

The total franchise investment includes the following:

  • Advance rent and deposit (depending on the lease terms): Settled before store opening
  • Construction cost: approximately Php2 million (depends on location, size, and other factors)
  • Franchise Fee: Php600,000 to be paid upon approval of application
  • Initial Merchandise: Php800,000
  • Initial Store Supplies: Php170,000

For more information, you can reach 7-Eleven through the following channels:

  • Email:
  • Mobile Phone Number: 0920-9508651 / 0917-8711686
  • Telephone Number: (02) 726-9968