How to Franchise a MINISTOP Convenience Store

In the past, only the big cities are ‘awake’ at night while many parts of the Philippines are just sleepy towns with laidback lifestyles where people go home at 6PM and go to sleep by 8PM. They don’t go out much at night to buy food because most of them are asleep, anyway.

Considering that now many cities and towns in the country are slowly becoming urbanized, many people now need a convenience store where they can buy what they need no matter what time of the day they might need it. Thanks to convenience stores like MINISTOP, they can find everything they need without having to wait for regular stores and grocery marts to open.

A MINISTOP store is a 24-hour convenience outlet offering various merchandise such as toiletries, common grocery items, and food ranging from chips and drinks to various ready-to-eat products, including smoothies, ice cream, and even full meals.

FoxLad at English Wikipedia [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
at English Wikipedia [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Did you know that this convenience store chain did not originate from the Philippines but actually came from Japan? MINISTOP is among Japan’s largest convenience store chains.

Today, you can find plenty of MINISTOP outlets in the Philippines that it could easily compete with the local scene.

Here are the requirements to franchise a MINISTOP:

  • Attend a franchise presentation
  • Submission of letter of intent
  • Interview with area franchise manager
  • Pass feasibility study
  • Ocular inspection

After you are approved for franchise, you need to do the following:

  • Attend the introduction meeting with MINISTOP’s Executives
  • Sign the Franchise Assignment Letter
  • Sign the Franchise Agreement
  • Pay the franchise fee
  • Attend seminar on Franchisee Training Module
  • Submit licenses and business permits
  • Open your MINISTOP outlet

For more inquiries and to request for schedule of the franchise presentation, simply contact MINISTOP through the following emails:

You can also choose to call them at these numbers:

  • +63 (02) 631-8639 / +63 0922 8780629
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