How To Start An Online Bookselling Business

Book lovers may seem a small niche in the huge ecommerce market, but they are among the most loyal customers. Book lovers are often willing to pay extra for their favorite authors, books, and the best customer experience.

How To Start An Online Bookselling Business
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There’s a huge audience for selling books online. If you’re interested in starting an online bookselling business, you might want to consider the following steps.

1. Start with a bookselling business idea.

Selling books online is more than just posting book titles and authors. There are many business ideas and options you can consider when it comes to launching your book space.

  • Traditional bookstore – offer many genres
  • Niche genre – Focus only on books on a specific genre. Ex. Fantasy books, romance, etc.
  • Niche audience – Focus on books for a specific audience. Ex. LGBTQ+ books, women, married couples, etc.
  • Rare, or vintage books
  • Self-publish books
  • Sell ebooks or audiobooks
  • Make a books subscription box

2. Develop your bookstore brand.

It’s tough to compete with huge book merchants, such as Amazon. Offer a unique customer experience by creating a more personal touch. Here are some ways:

  • Build customer loyalty by focusing on one particular genre or theme.
  • Be active in community-focused book spaces and events.
  • Offer a warm customer service experience by giving more personalized, curated book recommendations.
  • Start a community among your customers.

3. Find a good distributor and source.

To get your bookstore running, you need to find a distributor, wholesaler, or a publisher for your books. It’s best to find a trustworthy and credible source to ensure your book’s quality. You can also earn deals and discounts over time.

4. Price your books reasonably.

If you’re selling books from a publisher, it will already come with a set price list. For other books, your profit margin will depend on how much you paid for the books. For vintage and hard-to-find books, research the market value.

5. Build your online store.

You can use tons of ecommerce platforms to start your online shop. You can also build your own bookshop website to give it a more personalized and curated vibe. You can also look up platforms that are specific to different types of books you want to sell. For instance, Easy Digital Products is ideal for selling ebooks and audiobooks.

6. Market and promote your online bookstore.

Make sure your online bookstore reaches your target audience. Build your audience by joining online groups that are relevant to your bookstore’ niche. For instance, join Facebook groups for book lovers interested in fantasy or sci-fi. Promote your online store whenever there’s a chance. Participate in relevant events and activities.

There you go! If you’re a book lover, starting an online bookstore is a great way of turning your hobby into a lucrative business. Learn to grow your business and adapt along the way. Good luck!

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