Invest Your Money in FarmOn PH, While Also Helping Farmers

These days, people try to look for ways to invest their money. Many no longer just trust the banks with their money, knowing that though that might be among the safest ways to save, saving in banks just don’t grow your money as much as when you invest them someplace else.

Take note, however, that while you might earn a lot more money when you invest, this also involves more risks than saving your money in a bank. There’s always a risk of you losing your investment! So, before investing your cash, do your research first.

What is FarmOn PH?

FarmOn PH is an investment platform that allows investors to grow their money while also helping out farmers.

In the provinces, there’s this practice of farm owners letting tenants work on their lands. Depending on their agreement, the farm owners might be the ones who will provide the seeds or seedlings for the crops, fertilizers, and other incidentals; then, they get their share of the produce at the end of the farming season.

Invest Your Money in FarmOn PH, While Also Helping Farmers
Screenshot of some farms on FarmOn PH
Note: Farms are ‘Not Available’ because the farming cycles are currently closed

But what if you don’t have land? In FarmOn PH, even those without lands can now go ‘farming’. You might relate this with the popular Facebook game FarmVille wherein you use the internet to buy and grow crops or livestock, then sell them for profit.

On FarmOn PH, investors do buy crops or livestock but this time, you use real money — and real crops will be planted, real livestock will be grown. Instead of you growing these farm products, however, FarmOn PH farmers are the ones doing it for you. At the end of the harvest period, FarmOn PH helps these farmers sell the products.

The farmers and the investors split the profit. While profits vary and are not guaranteed, it can be anywhere from 10% to 35%! Considering that the crops and livestock have a harvest period anywhere from 3 to 14 months (or more), you can easily get your money back, with high profits, within just a few months.

How to Invest in FarmOn PH?

Visit the official website of FarmOn PH. Registration only opens once a farming cycle is open; thus, you can’t just register anytime you want to. But because there are several cycles per year, you should check the site from time to time. You can register even if you won’t invest yet.

Once the farming cycle is open, click “Our Farms” to find an open farm that offers products you can invest on. Most livestock products get sold out within minutes from the opening of each cycle, mostly because profits are usually higher and faster with livestock; however, you can still have other options to choose from.

Invest Your Money in FarmOn PH, While Also Helping Farmers
A sample investment on FarmOn PH

Farm products on FarmOn PH have different investment rates, target harvest period, and profit rates. The investment rates per plot are posted once the cycle opens, but these rates are uniform across farms; though the profits vary. You can choose to invest in different crops or livestock in different farms.

Take note: You don’t have to pay the notary fee; just uncheck the box.

Once you were able to secure some plots (this is subject to availability), you have to wait for FarmOn PH to send you your contract. Check your email or the ‘Message Centre’ at the ‘User Control Panel’ on FarmOn PH’s website.

In this contract, you will find the details of the farm products you have invested on, total amount you have to pay, and the payment details (payments are only accepted via BDO).

You only have a week to pay at BDO. Make sure to send the receipt and the signed contract back to FarmOn PH via the Message Centre. Wait for the payment to reflect on your account.

It sometimes takes weeks for FarmOn to update your account. Just be patient.

Invest Your Money in FarmOn PH, While Also Helping Farmers
Photo credit: FarmOn PH

After the harvest period is over and the profit is available, this will be reflected on your account. You can withdraw this money to your bank (only available options now are BDO, PNB, and Security Bank) or choose to re-invest the money in another farming cycle.

For more information, check the following channels:

Main Office Address
#577 P-Maligaya, Batal, Santiago City
Isabela, Philippines 3311

  • Mobile: (63) 939 357 4209
  • Mobile: (63) 906 495 1856
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