3 Ways To Partner With Social Media Influencers To Grow Your Business

If you’re unfamiliar with social media influencers, they are typicalyl digital content creators with a large following on social media platforms. They create online content on social media, such as videos, articles, and other posts, related to the interests of their audience. They are known as “social media influencers” because they can persuade their audience to follow, use, or trust a particular brand. They are often considered experts on a certain topic, which is why their audience follows them. It’s a great way to send your message across a huge audience and make you brand stand out against competitors. You might be surprised to know that collaborating with influencers is now among the top ways to do online marketing and advertising in the Philippines.

3 Ways To Partner With Social Media Influencers To Grow Your Business
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When it’s your first time working with social media influencers, it can be complicated and tricky. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve listed here some ways you can effectively partner with social media influencers.

1. Sponsored posts

You’ve seen them on almost all influencers, and they usually have the hashtag or caption, “Sponsored Content,” “#paidad,” or “paid partnership with [brand name]”. It’s when an influencer posts about your brand or product on their social media platform. They are often one-time deal and are more affordable than other paid forms of content, such as videos. They can also be made for a long-term collaboration with regular posts, depending on your agreement. This form of collaboration comes with defined fees and terms.

2. Gifting

If you’re still starting out and don’t want to spend too much on influencers, you can try gifting. As the word itself suggests, you hand out free samples and product promo boxes. Remember, though, that since it’s a gift, it’s not a guarantee that the influencer will post about or promote your brand. They will most likely do an honest review of it. On the other hand, if the influencer genuinely loves your brand, you’ve got yourself a credible “true believer.” Also, most people would most likely trust a review if it wasn’t sponsored or paid.

3. Brand ambassadorships

This one is great, especially if you have a huge marketing budget. Choose an influencer who really stands out and has the most persuading power, and offer them a long-term partnership. The influencer will become your brand’s voice and face on social media. You can make guest appearances during live streams to promote your brand and other content creation. This comes with more technical terms and fees, depending on the agreement. Make sure you provide the influencer with your company’s goals and vision, aside from the product details.

There are many other ways to partner with influencers. Remember that they are also entrepreneurs, so give them the respect they deserve but also be clear with your goals. Good luck!

Sally Mae

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