This Broken-Hearted Filipina Funded Her Bar Exam By Selling Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Stuff

This Filipina sold her ex’s clothes to fund her bar exams. It may sound funny to some, but when you are desperate, in need of cash and are nursing a broken heart, do you think you’d care?

We think not. If you can turn something hurtful into something that can serve as a stepping stone or an earning endeavor, wouldn’t you?

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This is what Ciara Christia Infantado did and that’s how her “TheHugotSeller” shop on the online selling platform Carousell started.

She shared her story which started when she was taking the Bar exam last November 2016. She had a foreigner boyfriend who flew here from the US just to be with her.

Take note, that was in the middle of her Bar exam.

Whirlwind Romance

Caught in the middle of a whirlwind romance.he chose to enjoy her boyfriend’s stay who by the way wanted to meet her parents, instead of spending all her time reviewing for the exam.

“Oh my god, what do I feel? ‘I’m happy because you’re here!’ Sino ba naman… Ang ganda ko, ‘di ba? Nilipad ako, guys! From the U.S. to the Philippines, nilipad ako! Girl! Pero sabi ko sa sarili ko, ‘Oh no. Bar exam ito eh. This is my dream!’

Honeymoon Phase

Her boyfriend wanted to meet her parents so she had to bring him to Mindoro to meet them. When they got back to Manila, she had an exam the next Sunday. But she just went with the flow and chose love instead of her dream.

“Bumalik na kami ng Manila, nag-exam ulit ako the next Sunday… Sobrang distracted ako! Hindi ako nag-aaral, sabi ko, ‘’Di bale na, bahala na! Love muna! Bakit ba? Ang Bar puwede kong i-take ulit, pero siya baka mawala.’ Gan’un ‘yung una kong mindset.”

When they went back to Manila, her boyfriend told her that he will come back in January to marry her. It was the honeymoon phase.

She already set her mind on a wedding song, “Makita kang Muli” by Sugarfree. The song pertains to a long distance relationship and she thought it was perfect back then.

The downfall

Like any other relationship that ended down the drain, the honeymoon phase eventually ended. Her boyfriend flew back to the US and two weeks later the fights started.

“Sabi niya, ‘You’re too far, blah, blah, blah, blah…’” The breakup happened just after her Bar exams and she was one of the last people to find out. “Meron siyang ni-reveal through his Facebook without telling me, without communicating with me… Merongnakalagay na lang diyan na, ‘In a Relationship’ with another girl, another Filipina.

“So parang ako, ‘What? I thought it’s tayo?’ Like Angelica Panganiban levels. I was trying to call him also, pero hindi ko na mahagilap. Tapos minessage niya ko, and he was saying, ‘Yeah, I was meaning to tell you but you were taking the Bar, ganyan-ganyan,’ or parang ‘This wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t far from me, blah, blah, blah, blah.’ Kasalanan ko pa!”

Me time

After being shattered, the news that she failed the Bar exam also aggravated the pain. She went to Baguio to escape.

“I really shouted there—pero hindi na ako umabot ng Sagada. Banaue Rice Terraces lang. I was really shouting there. Totoo ‘yon.

“I did everything! That’s when I learned diving. I did it for myself. Sabi ko, ‘Bahala ka sa buhay mo, I can do this.’”

When CeeCee came back to Manila, she started piecing herself back together. She saw the things that her ex-boyfriend left, but instead of throwing it away like any other girl would do, she decided to sell it online. She needed the money anyway.

“Actually, may mga regalo ‘yan sa ‘kin, pero hay nako ang mahal, ayokong ibenta,” she joked. “Sayang nga hindi umabot ‘yung engagement ring eh, eh ‘di sana mas mahal! Mas gusto ko sanang itago tapos ibenta!”

Therapy and Bar Exam

CeeCee shared how it became therapeutic for her to sell her ex-boyfriend’s stuff online. Not to mention a really refreshing way to move on as she took pictures and created “hugot” captions for each item.

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“Imagine, taking pictures of those. Hindi madali ‘yon kung hindi ka pa nakaka-move on. Imagine, like, writing captions about it. That’s not gonna be easy if you haven’t really moved on. So ‘yon, mas na-realize ko lang… na ‘Ah, okay. Move on na ako.’ Nakakatawana ko. Nabebenta ko na ‘to na nakakatawa na siya sa ‘kin. Ayon, that’s how it felt.”

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Regarding the money she got from selling her ex-boyfriend’s stuff and some of her stuff that made her remember him? She used it to fund her next Bar exam.

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“It was able to fund me for the Bar exam. I didn’t make it at first, so I can’t ask money from my parents and I can’t work. Kasi the Bar exam’s super demanding. It’s like a jealous mistress—if you do anything other than it, it’s going to kill you. So ‘yon, nagbebenta ako… I took it last November. I’m waiting for the results ngayon.”

“[Selling] doesn’t require much of your time, but it makes you busy,” she said. “It’s a distraction from the moving-on process. Instead of doing a lot of things to move on, do this, and then all of a sudden—’Ay, move on na pala ako. Ay nakalimutan ko na siya.’”

Makita kang muli

The wedding song she originally wanted to play when she walks down the aisle? She revealed that she had a crush for the longest time on Sugarfree’s bassist Jal Taguibao.

Guess what? Yes, they are still together.

“Sa kanya pala yung ‘Makita Kang Muli.'”