Top 8 Accessories to Use on Your 2022 Fitness Journey

New Year, new you, as the old adage says. Now that another calendar year has begun, you may be in the process of revisiting your goals to get healthier, fitter, and leaner. Getting into the habit of exercising may be just as hard as it was in the previous years, but if you do your part to stay consistent, 2022 may be the year that you secure the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

One way that you can establish consistency in your workout routine is to make it easier and more comfortable for you to exercise. The right mobile phone accessories, for example, can put you in the mood to work out. They can even help you track the particulars of your fitness journey. To help you go through the motions, here’s a list of eight must-have fitness and health accessories that you should have in 2022. Use these while you exercise from the safety of your home gym or other home workout space.

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A Smartwatch

Smartwatches are among the handiest accessories that you can use for your daily exercise regimen. Most of these gadgets come with built-in features that track your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, calories consumed, and other metrics that matter to your health. Keep abreast of the numbers that might affect the quality of your workout by getting a new smartwatch for yourself. Given how accessible today’s smartwatches are, you won’t need to spend a fortune for one with extensive fitness features.

Exercise-Ready Headphones

Headphones are also accessories that are worth spending on for your 2022 fitness journey. You can use them to listen to your favorite songs if music motivates you and if it helps you get into the rhythm of your workout. Your headphones can also serve a practical purpose if you’re taking an online sports class or attending a one-on-one virtual session with a gym trainer—they’ll help you filter out any distractions from your immediate environment and focus on the instructions being given to you. Look for headphones Philippines retailers to find the perfect pair for your chosen fitness application.

A Workout Mat

Another must-have accessory for your 2022 fitness routine is your own workout mat. This will give you a comfortable surface to do floor exercises on, and it will also protect you from slipping on your own sweat. Workout mats are essential for yoga, Pilates, or strength training, so if any of these are involved in your own exercise regimen, invest in a sturdy and slip-proof mat.

Resistance Bands

If you want to add a little more difficulty into your workout routine, you can throw some resistance bands into the mix. The titular resistance that they add to your movements will engage more muscles in your body and thus help you build additional strength. Purchase a few for your home workout space and incorporate them into your stretches, bicep curls, or lateral raises.

An Aerobic Step

Yet another viable accessory that you can use for your exercise routine is an aerobic step. This accessory will allow you to complete jumps and other leg exercises involved in aerobics. For some added challenge, get an item whose height you can adjust. Make sure that your aerobic step holds firmly to the ground and stays in position while you’re doing your leg exercises.

A Digital Weighing Scale

How far are you from meeting your target weight? For a clear answer, it would be a good idea for you to add a digital weighing scale to your list of home workout accessories. Some varieties have added features, like graphs that display your daily weight stats and progress towards your ideal weight. To know which of your workouts is most effective for weight loss, keep a digital weighing scale in your workout space and check your stats after each exercise session.

Weight Training Gloves

If you keep weights in your home gym, you’ll want to handle them with an extra layer of protection. This 2022, you may want to invest in high-quality weight training gloves that will allow you to grip your weights firmly but shield your hands from blisters, abrasions, and unnecessary stress. Consider getting the kind that also offers additional wrist support to prevent strain around your wrist area. Lifting weights of any size and thickness will be a breeze with your own weight training gloves.

Compression Clothing

Lastly, consider adding some compression clothing items to your workout ensembles. Compression sleeves and socks with light compression capabilities can hasten your recovery time and reduce muscle pain and fatigue. Ask your doctor and physical therapist if it’s okay for you to wear compression clothing during your workout, plus which brands and what level of compression they recommend for you.


If your 2022 resolution involves exercising more and cultivating a healthier lifestyle, clear the way forward for yourself. Start by equipping yourself to succeed and establishing a daily routine in which exercise is like second nature. Good luck, and may you stay true to your fitness goals!

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