Young Pinay Promotes Sustainability by Transforming Old Clothes into Modern Pieces

Twenty-two-year-old Kassandra Jaen Pepito and her grandmother shared a special bond. They are both into clothing. For her, her lola was the most caring, humble, selfless, and religious woman that she knew.

“She was also the proudest of our smallest achievements and the happiest when we are in complete attendance,” she explains. “She worked as a seamstress back in the day, hand sewing anything that had tears or holes in it. I myself enjoyed sewing Barbie clothes as a kid and she knew it. That’s when she got older and couldn’t properly see anymore, I became her personal sewing machine. I never complained, though, because I love her to bits,” Kassandra added.

Chag Co

Image: Facebook/CHAG CO

So, when her grandmother passed on this year, she decided to honor her by giving new looks to her old clothes.

“My family didn’t know what to do with her closet, as she had tons of well-kept clothes when she was younger. I was already starting my ‘thrift lifting’ project that time and realized, why not rework my lola’s clothes for myself, instead,” she says.

‘Thrift lifting’—making beautiful clothes out of old ones—has been Kassandra’s advocacy for quite a while. She knew how important it is to adopt a much eco-conscious closet.

Chag Co.

“I believe it is our responsibility to protect and preserve our planet for the future generations. Shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle is definitely not easy, but doing small things like avoiding the use of single waste plastic, buying from second hand stores, and even getting into the habit of bringing your own water container instead of buying bottled water makes a big difference, in the long run,” Kassandra explains.

Through Chag Co, Kassandra was able to encourage people to live a more sustainable lifestyle through fashion.

Chag Co

Image: Facebook/CHAG CO

“We want to share how we transform old and outdated pieces into trendy outfits that anyone would want to wear and inspire people to do the same. Our goal here is to lessen the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. The more people we gather, the faster we will achieve our goal,” Kassandra explains.

As a clothing brand, Chag Co aims to lessen the fashion industry’s carbon footprint by using fabric from pre-loved and unused old clothing items to avoid throwing them out and ending up in landfills.

They collect pre-loved clothing items and transforms the into trendy fashion wears.

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