5 Tips in Starting a Beauty Salon Business in the Philippines

Do you want to earn profit by making other people beautiful? Launching a beauty salon business that offers various services may be the business that will best suit you.

Here are a few important things you need to consider in starting a beauty salon.


1. Choose your location well.

You need to carefully select the location of your salon as it will determine the type of clients you will cater to. If you’re near a university, your clients will likely be students. Also, it’s always a great idea to put your salon inside a mall as many clients find it convenient to go there. Choose an area that has lots of foot traffic and has enough space to accommodate clients. Make sure your location is in a clean and safe atmosphere.

2. Invest in good products and equipment.

Never use inferior brands when it comes to hair, nail and other beauty products as it will compromise the quality of your service. You may need to spend a lot of money for buying brand new equipment so it’s advisable to purchase good used equipment.

3. Train your staff.

As a salon owner, it is your duty to ensure that your staff possess technical expertise that use international standards as benchmark. They need to undergo regular training to be up to date about new products, trends and services. Without proper training, the procedures they carry out may cause health issues to the clients. More importantly, your staff must be oriented about good customer service to keep your clients happy.

4. Be competitive in terms of the price.

Make sure that your services are priced well. Reyes Haircutters, a popular chain of beauty salons, actually charges minimal fees for maximum profit. By offering affordable services, Reyes Haircutters certainly stands out from a sea of salons nationwide.

5. Be hands-on.

The success of a salon business also depends on the manager’s ability to operate the business. While your salon business is still picking up, make sure that you are present to ensure that your staff is running it well. See to it that they doing the procedures right, treating the clients well and are handling the supplies well.