Dimples Romana Shares Wise Business Tips: ‘Dahil Walang Trabahong Pang-Forever’

Dimples Romana is one of the many celebrities who have found business success. The actress had her husband, Boyet, have been investing in several real estate properties since Dimples was 23 years old while Boyet was 31. Since then, they have acquired more than 10 properties including 4 houses, 2 condominium units, a beachfront property in Palawan, a farm in Cavite, another farm in Batangas, a commercial building, and many others.

Dimples Romana Shares Wise Business Tips: 'Dahil Walang Trabahong Pang-Forever'
Image by Dimples Romana via Instagram

Dimples couldn’t help but be proud of their journey in investing and business. Here are some of their wise tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

1. Start investing in things that matter

When Dimples and her husband put up their 3-storey commercial building for rent or lease, they couldn’t help but share their advice with other aspiring entrepreneurs. She said that even if you have a job, keep investing.

She wrote in an Instagram post, “Walang trabahong pang-forever, walang kasiguruhan ang buhay, but we can always try to do our best while we’re young to invest our hard-earned money in things that matter.” [There’s no job that lasts forever and life is full of uncertainties.]

Dimples shared that they learned from their successful friends who became their business mentors to invest in real estate properties because it could help establish a good, stable financial life.

This advice would come as no surprise as many celebrities have also turned into real estate properties as business ventures. Dianne Medina has ventured into house rentals, Neri Naig has condo and vacation home rentals, and even Joroos Gamboa has also put up his beach house for rental.

2. Learn to sacrifice and take a leap of faith

Dimples admitted that even with enough capital, you still need to sacrifice a lot of things to have a successful business. She said in another Instagram post that she and her husband have sacrificed their time and effort to build their dreams.

“We have to be away from each other to be able to put all of these,” she wrote as she posted a video of their 10th property investment on Instagram. She added, “Dugo’t pawis at lahat na lahat na.” [We put in our sweat, blood, and everything else.]

Dimples admitted that many times it takes a lot of courage to take a risk. But if you have a dream in mind, take a leap of faith to make it happen.

3. Start early

Because you need to work hard, Dimples said it’s best if you start investing early. She wrote, “Habang bata pa tayo at may lakas, I feel it’s the best time to invest your hard-earned money to reap the fruits of your labor early in life too.” [While we’re still young and able, it’s best to invest early.]

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, may you too appreciate Dimples’ business mindset and maybe apply them in your business journey. Good luck!

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