Neri Naig Opens Baguio Family Rest House For Rent

Owning rental properties can be a great investment to earn passive income. With careful planning, the right mindset, and maybe some advice from an experienced real estate expert or mentor, it’s possible to turn a profit on your investments.

Neri Naig Opens Baguio Family Rest House For Rent
Image by Neri Naig via Instagram

If you are a landlord with rental real estate, you can benefit from monthly income without putting in additional time or effort as compared to other businesses, like the food business. Hence, many celebrities who don’t have much time to spare often choose rental properties as a good business. For instance, Joross Gamboa has turned his beachfront property into a short-term vacation rental. Meanwhile, GMA journalist Susan Enriquez turned her farm into a resort, ideal for a tranquil vacation away from the city.

This time, Neri Naig opened her family house in Baguio City for renters. The place is named “Miranda Family’s Baguio Hillside House” and is ideal for vacationers looking for a place to stay while in the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Neri’s husband, Chito Miranda, posted about the property on his Instagram.

According to the post, the rest house is located in Brgy. Hillside Baguio City, about 7 minutes away from popular destinations such as Camp John Hay and Kennon Road, and less than 10 minutes from SM Baguio. The house is big enough to accommodate a large family. It has 2 bedrooms that can comfortably accommodate 5 people and a loft that is good for 6 people. There’s even a staff house for your staff members and drivers. Even better, you can enjoy true “Bagiuo-feels” as it has a wide garden with a fantastic view of the city and an area perfect for bonfires at night.

Neri also wrote about the rental property on Instagram, saying that it’s a great place for a family to stay. She wrote, “Ang the best tambayan namin sa pergola ‘yung pa-sunset na hanggang pagabi dahil super ganda ng view. Pero kakailanganin ng makapal na jacket. Pwede ring mag bonfire habang tamang tambay with family and friends.” [The best place to lounge is the pergola, where you can enjoy the sunset until nightfall because it has the best view. But you need to have a jacket or you can light up a bonfire while hanging out with friends and family.]

Neri announced on social media in June 2022 that she and Chito had purchased a home in Baguio. This property is just one of the many businesses ventures that Neri and Chito have. Their son, Miggy, has a condo unit for rent. They have a venue for rent, a salon, and different restaurants. What a great way to put your money into good use!

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