Housewife Shares How She Saved Php160,500 by Selling Ice Candy

There are actually a lot of ways you can earn extra money even if you are just at home. And while many of these options involve using a laptop and having an internet connection, there are still lots of other options to choose from!

Take for example this housewife who was able to earn some extra cash from selling ice candy – and managed to save Php160,500 from her earnings! On PESO SENSE SAVERS GROUP, a Facebook group dedicated for those want to save money or wish to be inspired by those who managed to do it, Riz Red Moreno also shares her inspiring journey.

According to Moreno, she makes ice candy to sell at their small sari-sari store. She makes 1 casserole of mango ice candy and another of buko. Each casserole makes around 165 pieces of ice candy which she sells for Php5 each. She sells the ice candy for a total of Php825 per flavor, earning Php400 per flavor. Thus, she earns Php800 for the two flavors.

She puts Php500 of her earnings inside a can while the remaining Php300 goes to another container for the electricity bills. In just 1 year, she was able to save as much as Php160,500. This means that she was able to sell out her ice candy almost everyday!

Photo credit: Riz Red Moreno / PESO SENSE SAVERS GROUP – Facebook

Making and selling ice candy might seem too simple for many, yet this is actually a good way to earn money – as proven by Moreno. Of course, she’s not the first person to discover that and earn a lot of money from making ice candy. However, her story went viral because she was able to save most of her earnings. Not too many people are able to do that.

Her story was met with skepticism, however, because many believe it was impossible for her to sell out over 300 pieces of ice candy per day. But others defended her, saying she probably has a store by the road that has lots of foot traffic and supportive neighbors – and her ice candy probably tastes really good!

What is Ice Candy?

Ice candy is a frozen confection that’s sweet and often colorful. It’s a popular snack item, particularly on hot summer days. But it’s still a year-round sweet treat.

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