How to Open a Bakery Business in the Philippines

Filipinos love to eat bread, no matter what time of day – and special occasions always call for a cake. But many still enjoy eating cake even if there’s no occasion at all. So, it’s easy to see why a bakery business can be a good one to open in the Philippines.

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Opening a Bakery Business in the Philippines

Step 1. Learn how to bake or hire someone.

There are many things to consider in opening a bakery business, but you’ll have to make sure that there’s someone you can rely on to prepare and bake all the bread, pastries, and cakes that you’ll be selling.

But you can also do it yourself! TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) offers free baking courses but you can also opt for other training centers.

If you opt to hire someone, make sure that this person is not just a good baker but also reliable. You don’t want to keep on closing your shop because your baker is absent again.

Step 2. Decide if you’ll franchise or start from scratch.

There are lots of bakeries offering franchise options; some of these are:

If you also want to just start selling cakes at home, you can also learn how to start a cake business.

Step 3. Consider your bakery’s name and location.

Your bakery’s name is important but the location matters most. Make sure you pick a spot with a lot of foot traffic or can be easily accessible to customers.

A roadside spot can be good, but there should be parking spaces at the front or nearby.

Step 4. Invest in the right equipment.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive name brands for your bakery equipment, but remember that very cheap items might not last long.

If possible, buy equipment built and made for commercial use, even if that means you might have to spend more.

Step 5. Practice, do taste tests, and perfect your products before you start selling.

Remember, you have to impress your potential customers because most people will decide whether to come back or find other bakeries after tasting just one product from your bakery.

Step 6. Pick competitive pricing.

Filipinos love a good bargain but you also need to make a profit. Check out your competition and find ways to offer your products at competitive pricing that won’t hurt your profits, too.

Step 7. Keep product consistency and innovate with new flavors.

You can keep your customers coming back by offering delicious breads – and experimenting with new flavors make your bakery more interesting.

Step 8. Be good to your customers – and employees!

In any business, it’s always important to be good to both your customers and employees. This way, your customers will keep coming back and your employees will be more efficient.

Joy Adalia

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