How to Start a Flower Shop Business in the Philippines

With bouquets of flowers being so in demand during special events like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, shop openings, Mother’s Day, and even on not-so-happy occasions such as wreaths for wakes, a flower shop business is actually a good idea.

So, how do you start a flower shop business in the Philippines?

Learn the Ropes

Take note that just like other kinds of businesses, a flower shop takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become profitable. However, unlike other businesses, this one requires a lot of talent and skills on your part – or you should really find someone with a knack for creating beautiful bouquets and wreaths. Without that, your business will fail!

This means that you should really address that part first before thinking of opening a flower shop. The good news is that you can attend seminars and trainings on how to make floral arrangements. It would be a good idea to first.

Find the Perfect Location

You would want to have a shop with lots of foot traffic – and a huge glass wall to display your creations! Such locations might mean renting a prime spot in the commercial district, but if you’re lucky to live by the highway or some other place right by the road, you can convert that into your flower shop.

Find Cheap but Reliable Suppliers

This might mean you will have to travel far to get your supplies or later invest in a truck with several crew to help you with the supplies and deliveries. You’d be lucky if the supplier will deliver the items to your shop – and they are honest with their dealings.

Invest in a Fridge and Lots of Bouquet Materials

Flowers may be refrigerated so they would last longer. While this is not a priority, especially when you are still starting out, buy one if your budget still allows it. After all, you have to ensure your flowers aren’t wilted!

Moreover, you need to keep those bouquet materials on hand so your buyers can have lots of options to choose from – and you don’t have to go running to the supply shop each time you get orders.

Reputation is Critical

In this kind of business, especially, your reputation is critical. Stay on top of the game and keep those customers coming by always providing them the best service, the best flowers, and the best options you can offer.

Expand Your Network

Instead of just waiting for customers to drop by your shop, expand your network by offering your services to wedding and party planners! That way, you can continue to have revenue even on ‘lean’ days when everyone else is not celebrating a sweet event that needs flowers.

Offer Delivery Service

If possible, offer delivery service. This will also help expand your network and bring your more customers. You can also try selling on Facebook or tying up with local delivery service networks.

Joy Adalia
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