Jimmy Santos Shows How To Earn Money By Selling Recyclables In Canada

In the Philippines, we often say, “May pera sa basura.” [There’s money in garbage.] And indeed, this still holds true even in countries like Canada. Jimmy Santos shared how he earns money by selling used soda cans, bottles, and other recyclables in Canada’s bottle depots.

Jimmy Santos Shows How To Earn Money By Selling Recyclables In Canada
Screenshot from Jimmy Saint’s YouTube channel

In a recent vlog on his official YouTube channel, Jimmy showed how he collects and sells empty soda cans and bottles at a local recycling center in Calgary, Canada. He explained that this is part of Canada’s sustainable practice of waste management. He explained that each bottle or can has a minimal amount for a deposit so that the citizens are encouraged to return them at bottle depots to be recycled. In a way, it sort of works like our junk shops in the Philippines where you sell recyclables and you get a certain money in exchange.

“Ako po ay nandito sa tinatawag nilang ‘South Pointe Bottle Depot.’ Ang ibig sabihin niyan, binabalik po at magbebenta ng mga lata rito, ‘yung mga pinaglalagyan ng mga tubig, softdrinks ay talaga namang dinedeposito dito at binebenta nila,” he expained. [I’m here at the South Pointe Bottle Depot. It means people return and sell used cans and bottles of water and soft drinks. They deposit and sell them here.]

According to Jimmy, he earned 15 Canadian dollars (around P600) from all the recyclables he brought that day. He said that he was happy and satisfied with his new venture, as he was not only earning money but also helping the environment.

“Maganda, masaya at kunswelo dahil nakakatulong sa pagre-recycle ang mga ibinenta nating bote, karton, at ‘yung mga nabubulok po na ginagawang fertilizer,” he said. [It’s beautiful. I feel happy, and it’s comforting because the bottles, cartons, and those that rot are turned into fertilizer to help in recycling.]

Jimmy also shared some tips on how to collect more cans and bottles, such as asking permission from neighbors and friends, checking garbage bins and parks, and being friendly and respectful to everyone.

Jimmy’s vlog has received positive feedback from his fans and followers, who praised him for his humility, hard work, and environmental awareness. Jimmy’s new venture reminds us that there are always creative ways to make money if we know where to look! In the Philippines, there are also some simple and creative ways to make extra money if you only have time on the weekends. Good luck!

Sally Mae

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