Judy Ann Santos Shares 4 Tips To Help Your Business Grow & Succeed

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo shared some of the lessons she learned while managing a food business. If you’re starting or already managing a business, you can learn a thing or two from some of her tips.

Judy Ann Santos Shares 4 Tips To Help Your Business Grow & Succeed
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In an episode of “At Your SerBIZ!” hosted by Francis Kong, Judy Ann shared how she faced challenges, found solutions, innovated, and improved her restaurant, Angrydobo.

1. Have a strong support system

Judy Ann shared how important it is to have a good support system when you’re managing a business. When she had doubts about whether she could start a food business, her husband, Ryan Agoncillo, motivated her. She recalled him saying, “Kayang-kaya mo ‘yan!” This tip has also been proven by celebrity entrepreneur Neri Naig, whose husband, Chito Miranda, has been an important key to her success in business.

2. Keep communications line open with a business partner

If you are starting a business with a friend or a business partner, it is very crucial to keep communications open. While you can have a casual talk with your partner, you should be serious and honest when it comes to making big business decisions. Judy Ann recalled the process she went through to share her ideas for enhancing the Angrydobo original menu.

“Kailangan may tiwala ka sa business partners mo,” Judy Ann advised.

3. Take care of your staff

According to Judy Ann, it’s always important not to be strict but also to be considerate when it comes to handling their staff. She recalled that many of her employees would be absent during the pandemic. She found a solution by personally reporting to the kitchen to help manage it. She advised that instead of complaining or repeatedly reprimanding your staff, adjust and find solutions instead.

Nina Cabrera, the CEO of the makeup brand Colourette, recently went viral when she decided to give 5 additional paid leaves as raffle prizes during their Christmas party. Like Judy Ann, she believes it’s important to take care of their staff.

4. Keep up and innovate

Like many successful entrepreneurs would always advise, it’s important to learn how to innovate and keep up with trends. One innovation Judy Ann started was the “Sunday ulam,” where they would offer special food that families could share on a Sunday, which is often considered family day.

There you go! We hope Judy Ann’s experiences and advice could help you start or manage your own business too. Good luck!

You can watch the video from Globe’s Youtube channel:

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