Learn and Earn Through e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries

The Agricultural Training Institute is the lead implementing agency of the Department of Agriculture’s e-Extension Program. Together with other government agencies, state universities and colleges, and non-government organizations, the ATI puts into action a program that is meant to provide extension services for agriculture, fisheries, and natural resources sectors which are delivered electronically.

The e-Extension Program maximizes the use of information and communication technology to attain modernized agriculture and fisheries sector. Furthermore, the program focuses on creating an electronic and interactive bridge where farmers, fishers, and other stakeholders meet and transact to enhance productivity, profitability, and global competitiveness.

One major component of the e-Extension Program is the e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries. It offers electronic courses on Crops Production, Livestock, Marine and Fisheries, Social Technology, and Sustainable Agriculture. It also features AgriVideos, Digital Tech/Info Kits, and Training Manuals.

e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries

To access these agriculture and fisheries e-Learning courses, visit www.e-extension.gov.ph/elearning.

One must create an account before he or she can enroll in any course. Click this link to create an account.

After filling up the form for account registration, applicants will receive an email confirming his or her account. The said email contains instructions to complete the registration for the e-Learning system.

Once registration is complete, it is now possible to choose a course to enroll to. There are some courses, though, which requires to be activated using an enrollment key. To get an enrollment key, just text your full name and your chosen course to 0920946AGRI.

Online Access

For those who do not have a computer to access the program, there are 16 ATI Training Centers across the country that enrollees can visit, in case they want to access the e-Extension or the e-Learning Program.

Enrollment in any e-Learning course under the e-Extension Program is free of charge but an enrollee can only take one course at a time. If a student failed a course, he or she can request to retake it by sending an email to the site administrators.

For more information about the e-Extension or e-Learning Program for Agriculture and Fisheries, please visit their website at www.e-extension.gov.ph.

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