Leyte’s Favorite ‘Binagol’ A Hit Business Idea Earning P100k A Month

Leyte’s favorite ‘binagol’ has found its way to Manila. This ‘kakanin’ is now a hit business venture and is earning over a 6-digit profit monthly. Jhoanne Oscala of Jhoanne’s Special Binagol shared how she found a business opportunity in her favorite binagol.

Leyte's Favorite ‘Binagol' A Hit Business Idea Earning P100k A Month
Screengrab: GMA via Youtube

Jhoanne initially didn’t think of selling binagol and only thought of it as a great pasalubong for her friends in Manila. But luck was on her side as the opportunity came knocking on her door. After her friends enjoyed the binagol she bought for them, they convinced her to start turning it into a business.

“Noong umuwi ako, pagbalik ko dito nagdala ako ng mga binagol na pampasalubong sa mga friends ko. Ayun, nagpost yung iba. Akala ng iba ay binebenta ko. Nag-inquire sila at nagsabing bakit ako di magbenta,” Jhoanne shared on Pera Paraan.

According to Jhoanne, their binagol is authentic as they really cook it in Leyte before being shipped to Manila. Most of her orders are from online, so it became a good start for her business.

Jhoanne started with P5,000 as capital. Now, she supplies over 500 to 1,000 pieces of binagol per week to her customers and resellers. She is earning an average of P100,000 a month. Even better, Jhoanne realized the convenience of being an entrepreneur working at home.

“Malaking tulong sa akin kasi imbes na lalabas ako at papasok sa trabaho, nilalaan ko na lang dito sa bahay,” she said.

Leyte's Favorite ‘Binagol' A Hit Business Idea Earning P100k A Month
Screengrab: GMA via Youtube

Filipino kakanins are always a good business idea. They usually only require a small amount of capital, with a high return on investment. For more inspiring stories on kakanin, you can read about the entrepreneur earning P100,000 a week selling puto calasiao. Another inspiring story is the entrepreneur who started with P500, now earning P100,000 a month selling puto and kakanins.

How To Make Binagol

For the latik, prepare the ingredients: coconut cream, peanuts, margarine, and vanilla. Combine everything in a saucepan and simmer on low heat until it thickens. Continuously stir it until it turns into a thick brown sauce.

For the binagol, they use “ginadgad na talyan” or grated talyan. It is a type of root crop similar to gabi or taro and is native to Samar, eastern Leyte, and Biliran islands. Using talyan is better than using gabi in binagol because it makes the kakanin last longer.

Start by transferring the grated talyan and latik into a coconut shell and wrapping it with banana leaves. Tie to securely close it. Then, you place them in a steamer and cook it over 8 hours until cooked. Yes, that’s 8 hours of steaming to make sure the binagol is perfectly cooked. In the province, they usually use chopped wood for the 8-hour cooking. Once done, you can let it cool and start selling these yummy binagol!

You can watch the video from GMA’s Youtube channel:

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