Lugaw For P2? Why Mang Romy’s Lugawan In Valenzuela Refuses To Increase Its Price

What can you buy with P2? Amid the rising prices of commodities, you might just end up with a few pieces of candy. But try visiting Valenzuela and your P2 can get you a bowl of filling hot lugaw at Mang Romy’s Lugawan.

Lugaw For P2? Why Mang Romy's Lugawan In Valenzuela Refuses To Increase Its Price
Screengrab: Manuel Olazo via Youtube

For many, Mang Romy’s Lugawan is considered “legendary” because it has been operating since 1974. Plus, you can feed a family of 5 for only P10 because he sells lugaw for P2. Yes, just two pesos! They say everything changes. Fortunately for many, Mang Romy’s P2 lugaw remains available for those who are hungry and don’t have much money. He also offers the perfect partner of lugaw, fried tokwa’t baboy

In a video by Manuel Olaza on Youtube, he featured Mang Romy and his lugawan business. In the video, Mang Romy shared that there are still those who are skeptical of his lugaw. Some couldn’t believe that there’s a P2 lugaw while there are those who think it’s not delicious at all. Mang Romy challenged them to just give his lugaw a try.

The old businessman shared, “May nagtanong sa akin, ‘Magkano po ang lugaw niyo?’ Sabi ko, ‘dalawang piso.’ Sumagot ng, ‘Eh bakit ang mura?'”

“Sabi ko, ‘Eh subukan niyo. Kapag ‘di niyo nagustuhan, iwanan niyo na dahil talagang dalawang piso. Wala ng halaga ‘yung dalawang piso ngayon.'” Mang Romy explained.

Asked if he still has profits with his P2 lugaw, Mang Romy said he earns but chooses not to increase his price. He said he understands that there are many people who aren’t earning enough and he wants his lugawan to offer affordable food for them.

Mang Romy explained that not everyone can afford to feed a family of 5 children. But with his affordable lugaw, they won’t go hungry. That is enough for him to not raise his prices.

“Tulad halimbawa, may pamilya na lima ang anak. Lima ang anak mo, kaya mo bang bigyan ng tigli-limang piso ang limang anak mo? Magkano ang sahod nun sa ordinaryong tao? Ang minimum 500 halos 600, meron pang mga hindi sumasahod ng minimum,” Mang Romy said.

Lugaw For P2? Why Mang Romy's Lugawan In Valenzuela Refuses To Increase Its Price
Screengrab: Manuel Olazo via Youtube

Mang Romy continued to explain that he still gets to earn when other customers purchase his other products like tokwa’t baboy. He said this makes up for the losses he gets when serving P2 lugaw.

“Hindi naman lahat ng kumakain sa akin mga bata. Kapag kumain ka sa akin ng tokwa’t baboy, kikita na ako dun. Parang natangay na yung pagkalugi ko sa lugaw. Parang buy 1 take 1 ganoon,” he explained.

If done right, the humble lugaw is truly a great business idea opportunity. For instance, Beverly Aquino, dubbed the “Lugaw Queen” gets to earn P50,000 a day.

You can watch the video about Mang Romy on Manuel Olazo’s Youtube channel:

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