Online Seller Earns P500K A Week Selling ‘Pambahay OOTD’

Macy Lualhati found a good opportunity to earn amid the pandemic. Since the lockdown pushed many people to stay indoors, her shop selling ‘pambahay’ clothes was a sure win.

Screengrab: Pera Paraan via Facebook

Macy shared that her motivation to success was her hardships growing up. She recalled that she experienced financial struggles and had times when they couldn’t pay her tuition fees. These challenges fueled her drive to succeed.

“Hindi porke’t pinanganak kang mahirap ay mamatay kang mahirap. Nasa sa iyo yun. Sabi ko, one day maiba-bangon ko ang pamilya ko,” she shared on GMA’s Pera Paraan.

Venturing into business

Macy shared that she began her online business by buying ‘pambahay’ clothes in ‘tiyangges’ and would resell them online. She found the business had so much opportunity.

The entrepreneur said she began with P100,000 savings to start her sewing shop.

Screengrab: Pera Paraan via Facebook

She started small with a few sewing machines. Until she was able to afford to hire more seamstresses and soon had a big shop sewing clothes. It was only when her business was stable that she decided to quit her job to focus on business.

Macy’s business soon boomed with the huge demand for ‘pambahay OOTD’ with the pandemic. She is earning over P400,000 to P500,000 a week.

Helping others

As Macy’s business prospered, she wanted to give back to others. Of course, she started by making sure her seamstresses are well paid. She pays them on a “per piece” arrangement.

This gave her seamstresses the freedom to earn more. Rose Delfino, a seamstress was thankful because she could earn as much P10,000 a week if she worked extra hard.

“Basta sisipagan ko lang po. Simula ng nagtatahi ako ng mga pambahay, marami na po kaming naipundar,” Rose shared.

Macy’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to be hardworking and determined. She added that it’s important to believe in yourself and to be persevering in achieving our goals.

“Sipagan niyo lang at tsaka tiwala sa sarili. Maraming paraan, if there’s a will, there’s a way,” she said.

Sally Mae
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