How to Get PWD ID for Poor Eyesight in the Philippines

The PWD (Person with Disability) ID entitles the holder to a 20% discount for basic goods, services, and essentials. It’s given to people with disabilities, as the ID name clearly states. But how can you get a PWD ID for poor eyesight in the Philippines?

PWD ID for poor eyesight

Benefits of PWD ID for Poor Eyesight

Back in 2019, a girl sparked a social media frenzy after claiming that you can get a PWD ID for just having a 300+ eye grade. She even added a reminder to other Filipinos, “Know your rights!!

With so many people having that visual grade or even more, it’s understandable that so many were excited to get their PWD IDs, too. After all, you get the following benefits from a PWD ID:

  • 20% discounts & 12% VAT exemption on various transactions, not limited to medical services; it can include food, hotel stays, airline tickets, and even tollway fees
  • 5% discount on basic necessities
  • Express or priority lanes in commercial or government establishments
  • VIP/PWD parking
  • Education assistance
  • Government benefits including Php15,000 worth of benefits from PhilHealth
  • Free movies
  • Opportunities for employment
  • Protection against verbal and non-verbal ridicule or vilification

How to Get a PWD ID for Poor Eyesight

The NCDA (National Council on Disability Affairs) clarifies that the woman’s viral post isn’t correct. You can’t get a PWD ID for that grade. It’s only given to people who can be considered legally blind because their vision can’t be corrected even with glasses or contact lenses.

In order to be qualified for a PWD (person with disability) ID card and its benefits, individuals with VISUAL DISABILITY must have 20/70 best-corrected visual acuity on the better eye to be labeled LOW VISION, and 20/200 visual acuity on the better eye to be labeled LEGALLY BLIND,” explained St. Luke’s Eye Institute Global City.

So, how do you get that PWD ID?

Step 1. To get a PWD ID for poor eyesight in the Philippines, you must first visit an eye doctor for proper diagnosis.

Step 2. Once you have a medical certificate, proceed to your local PWD office. You can also go to the (DSWD) Department of Social Welfare and Development or DOH (Department of Health) for assistance.

Step 3. Fill out the Philippine Registry Form for Persons with Disability.

Step 4. You should also submit the following:

  • Barangay Clearance
  • Two 2×2 ID pictures (one for the application form and one for the medicine booklet)
  • One 1X1 ID picture (one for ID)

Step 5. Depending on the capabilities of your local PWD office, you can get the ID after a few minutes or return to get it after some days.

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