8 Sideline Jobs You Can Start Now With Little To No Capital

We’ve come to an era of modern technology. Before, you need to have a lot of extra time and money to start something that can help you earn on the side. Today, sideline options are multiplying due to the aspects of modern technology that we are now enjoying.

Having a side job these days is not uncommon anymore, thanks to technology. It is easier to make money out of skills that you already have or skills that entail little studying, even when you have a fulltime job.

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Here are some sideline ideas that you can consider starting. You can start them for free or for minimal starting capital.

1. Be a YouTube Vlogger

Gone were the days when you can share your thoughts through blogging only. There is now something that they call vlogs, which is video logs in short. YouTube is a platform where you can share videos and it is where thousands of people look if they need to learn something.

If you have something that can give value to people, make videos of it. Just be consistent on posting and giving quality, before you know it, you’ll have followers that will in turn open more earning possibilities for you. You can eventually sell ads or sponsor products.

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2. Be a stock photographer

In the era of smartphones and tablets, it is good to know that cameras still give value to people. Being a  professional photographer may be taxing and not suited for a side hustle, but if you concentrate on providing stock photos and selling them online for royalties, you can start your side hustle with less time investment.

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3. Be an app tester

Speaking of smartphones and tablets, we’re glad to let you know that you can also use those to earn on the side. These gadgets are designed to make the lives of those who use them easier.

Along with this purpose comes the applications that can be customized depending on the user. Thousands of applications are being developed and released on a regular basis. App developers are usually willing to pay good money to people who are willing to download their apps, test it, and then leave a review.

4. Be an app developer

Did you know that developing an app does not require extensive coding knowledge? There are now platforms that make it easy for you to develop your own apps. You can study and develop your apps during your free time and eventually get good at it that you’ll get to offer you service to clients or even sell the apps you make.

5. Be a paid reviewer

This is somehow connected to being an app tester, but instead of focusing on apps only, you’ll have a wider range of products to test. Product manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for people who can test their products or websites.

6. Be a transcriber

Transcription is also something you can check out. Even with numerous speech recognition apps, transcribers are still preferred by companies. Only actual people who listen and transcribe audios can produce acceptable degrees of accuracy.

If you want to try transcription, there are platforms that let you claim projects for extra money like Go Transcript, Rev and Scribie.

7. Be an online teacher

Something that doesn’t need a lot of training is being an online teacher. A lot of Filipinos are fluent in English because it is our second language. If you are one of them, you can use that skill to earn money from online teaching.

There are other nationalities that are having a hard time learning English, so they rather pay for an online teacher to teach them. Some of these students come from countries like Korea, Japan, and China.

There are platforms that you can check out if you want to try online-teaching like 51 Talk, Acadsoc, and Rarejob.

8. Be a writer

If you have an area of expertise that you know can give value to other people, you can consider writing an ebook about it where you can explain everything that there is to know about your topic.

You can then sell the ebook for some extra cash.

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