Stolen Mobile Phone, Text Scam? How to File a Complaint at the NTC

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is the government agency that regulates and supervises the public telecommunication services.

The Consumer Welfare and Protection Division (CWPD) is an office under the NTC specifically mandated to act on all consumer complaints related to the provision of services by public telecommunications entities (PTE), broadcast and cable television companies, radio and telecommunications equipment suppliers, including radio dealers and mobile phone suppliers.

They also handle complaints regarding stolen mobile phones and illegal or obscene texts and messages, including spam, fraudulent texts, threats, and other related items, in coordination with other offices and agencies.

filing of complaints at NTC

The said NTC division collates and monitors all complaints received and promptly forwards these to service providers concerned.

You can find a complaint page on their website where you will have to fill in an online form. The form will ask for the type of complaint—whether it is a general complaint, loss or stolen mobile phone, text spam report, or request for blocking. Aside from that, you will have to provide your name, contact number, and email address. Lastly, a box for a message is also provided where you can type in your complaint or concern.

If you have supporting documents such as receipt, statement of accounts, or pictures for your complaint, you may also attach it on the same page.

Personal filing of complaints

Complainants may also proceed to NTC Regional Offices nationwide.

filing of complaint of NTC

For complaint on the services of PTEs, broadcast, and cable television companies, and other service providers, you have to fill up an Application Form for Complaint and submit a photocopy of two valid IDs with a picture. You are also required to submit a copy of the proof of complaints such as Billing Statement or a Contract, to name a few.

The application form and the required documents shall be received by the NTC personnel at the Licensing Unit of any NTC Regional Office and will undergo primary assessment. Once it is found complete, the complainant shall submit the same set of documents to the Receiving Area. The NTC personnel who will receive the said document will issue an acknowledgment with an assigned Unique Identification Number. Afterward, the personnel will then endorse the complaint to the CWPD at the NTC Central Office.

The same set of procedures are also applicable to complaints related to text messages such as spam, scam, illegal or obscene messages, threats, and others. These type of complaint will require a duly accomplished Complaint Sheet, a copy of valid government-issued ID, and a copy of duly notarized Affidavit of Complaint. Police report and birth certificate may be submitted as supporting documents for the complaint.

Blocking stolen mobile phones and sim card

Lastly, the owner of the mobile phone unit with a sim card may request the NTC to block the unit in the event of loss or theft.

filing of complaints at NTC

The owner must present proof of ownership such as the official receipt of the mobile phone unit and the box of the unit with the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). He or she may also submit a duly notarized Affidavit of Loss, police report, and birth certificate, as supporting documents.

The set of the required documents shall be assessed for completeness. Afterward, the complainant will be interviewed for verification of the information he or she provided. Once complete, he or she will be issued an acknowledgment receipt with an assigned Unique Identification Number.

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