5 Business Ideas You Can Start for Under P100,000

Starting a business can be quite costly – even if you just want to franchise something, because more often than not, you need to find a good location where you can open the business establishment, hire and train people to do the job, set-up your store and buy products you need, etc.

But you don’t always have to start big! If you think your money is too small to start a business, just remember that Mariano Que started Mercury Drug for just P100!

Moreover, if you will wait for the time when you have a lot of money, you would have already lost a lot of opportunities to earn in your business. This is the reason why we are sharing here 5 business ideas you can start for under P100,000.

Fitness and Health Coach

These days, you don’t actually have to have a gym to become a fitness coach – because there are companies such as Herbalife and USANA that offer food products and supplements to encourage people to lose weight and become healthy.

Often, to start this type of business, you need to try the products for yourself, attend seminars and trainings, and enroll in their business program or simple become a member. You automatically get a discount (often at least 25%) for becoming a member but you can work harder to gain more discounts.

Photo credit: Perfect Business
Photo credit: Perfect Business

You don’t actually have to put in a lot of capital for this type of business; though you need to do a lot of legwork to invite your friends and prospective client to listen and to join in your business.

In this type of business, you earn by selling products to your clients at SRP and you get to keep the savings you get from the discount the company gives you.

Online Services Business

Do you have talent for writing, making/editing images and videos, programming, and/or other similar jobs you can find on the internet? If you do, then you can start an online services business.

What makes this type of business easy enough to setup is that as long as you have the talent and skills to fulfill the tasks asked by your clients, you get to provide them with what they need – without a lot of input in terms of capital on your part.


You do have to invest in a decent computer and the fastest internet connection you can get your hands on. If internet connection is so-so in your area and bound by lots of usage limits (such as data caps), you can get an extra line/connection from them or from the competitor. That might constitute more expenses out of your pocket but in this business, internet connection often determines whether you succeed or fail.

T-shirt Selling

T-shirts are among the easiest clothes to sell, anytime, anywhere – and you can get lots of customers especially during peak seasons like Christmas or local fiestas and festivals. To start your t-shirt printing business, you have to know how to make designs or hire someone who does.

Aside from putting in capital for buying the t-shirts (you can save when buying in bulk directly from the supplier), you also have to buy paint, silkscreens, brushes, etc. But you don’t have to spend your entire P100k on supplies alone.

t-shirt business

But wait! There’s an even easier way of making a profit out of t-shirts – and it is hassle-free, too! Check out this article: How to Start an Easy, Hassle-Free Online T-Shirt Printing Business

Breeding and Selling Dogs

Alright, this business is only for those who are genuinely able to dedicate their time and effort in breeding dogs – and truly love animals! But if you are one of those people, then this business can be a very lucrative one.

First, you have to put in capital to buy the dog/s. Obviously, a female dog is better than male dog if you want to sell the puppies for a living – and you just have to pay for stud services. Mind you, dogs can be very expensive to breed and maintain!


Depending on the dog breed, you might have to shell out around P20k to as high as P40k-P50k to start your business. But buying the dog/s is not enough. You have to make sure to provide them with a proper place to stay, good choices of food to eat, and set aside money for vet fees, medicines, and vaccinations.

Thankfully, ROI can be high – especially because dog pregnancy lasts for only about 58 to 68 days and they can give birth to several puppies! Your profit will also, usually, depend on the dog breed.

Buy and Sell Business

The business of buy and sell can be tricky but if you work hard, you can make this business work well for you. Of course, capital will always depend on what items you are planning to buy and sell (because cars and other automotive vehicles will obviously cost you a lot of money).

Clothes, bags, fashion accessories, shoes, and home essentials are among the top picks in this type of business. You can actually go to the ukay-ukay shops to buy good stuff at cheap prices which you can, then, sell in your own store for a higher price.


If you don’t have enough money to open a ‘physical’ shop, try selling your stuff online, instead.

So, which business are you planning to start? We hope this 5 business ideas you can start for under P100,000 helped you make the right decision. Good luck!

Joy Adalia
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