5 Sideline Business Ideas for Holiday Season

Looking for a sideline business that you can run for the holiday season without having to quit your job? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re sharing here some excellent business ideas for the holiday season – and you can even continue doing this business all year round.

1. Personalized Gifts

You can do a lot of things with a computer and a printer to start your business.

If you have the knack for using editing software, you can use this to your advantage by making personalized gifts! You can sell anything from personalized gift tags to personalized calendars and personalized planners! Personalized greeting cards, personalized mugs, and personalized party loot bags are also the ‘in’ thing these days.

2. Office Giveaways

If you have the capital, why don’t you try to negotiate with companies so you can make their office giveaways? Just like personalized gifts but mass produced, you can make anything from desktop calendars to notepads and business planners marked with the company’s logo or whatever design they want to place there.


3. Bite-sized Pastries

During the holiday season, people love to exchange gifts and try out new things, new flavors. Use this to your advantage by offering delicious bite-sized pastries in gift boxes! You can sell baked goodies placed inside clear, microwaveable food containers tied with a ribbon and plastered with a gift tag.


4. Party Planning

Have you noticed how there are lots of various parties during the holiday season? Again, use this to your advantage by starting a party planning business.

5. Party Goods Shop

If party planning is not your forte, you can still cash in on the many parties of the holiday season by offering party goods, instead. Popular items include buntings, balloons, party poppers, toys, and candies that people can put in loot bags for their giveaways. Better yet, offer ready-made party loot bags – you’ll be surprised how many people would actually appreciate having someone do the small things for them.

Joy Adalia

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