Entrepreneur Shares Inspiration Behind His Trending Lechon Kawali Chips Business

An entrepreneur shared the inspiration behind his successful lechon kawali business that has helped him and his family.

Niño Navarro of Karne’s Lechon Kawali Chips looked back at the humble beginnings of how his childhood experiences motivated him to venture into business.

Entrepreneur Shares Inspiration Behind His Trending Lechon Kawali Chips Business
Screengrab: GMA via Youtube

According to him, he grew up in a humble family. His father, who worked as a jeepney driver, would bring home their favorite lechon kawali. But since there were many of them, his mother had to cut the meat thinly so everyone would get their fair share.

“Ang inspiration ng lechon kawali chips ay nung bata kami, ‘di marangya ang aming pamumuhay. Tapos marami pa kaming magkakapatid. Kaya ang ginagawa ng nanay ko para magkasya yung lechon kawali na binibili ng daddy ko galing sa pamamasada ng jeep, hinihiwa niya ito ng maninipis,” Niño shared on Pera Paraan.

This childhood memory made an impact on Niño that he used it as a motivation that someday, their favorite lechon kawali would help their family live a comfortable life.

Determined to succeed, Niño took on many jobs. Aside from being a regular employee, he is also a fitness trainer and athlete and ventured into business.

Niño said he started his lechon kawali chips business at his mother’s house with the help of his siblings. He began with 2 kilos of lechon kawali, until it gained a huge following.

Entrepreneur Shares Inspiration Behind His Trending Lechon Kawali Chips Business
Screengrab: GMA via Youtube

With the success of his small business, he met people who were willing to invest in his business. This pave the way for his lechon kawali chips business to expand. In 2019, Niño opened his first production area in Sto Tomas, Pampanga. He now offers 6 flavors of lechon kawali chips.

Advice To Entrepreneurs

Niño said he didn’t grow up in a family of entrepreneurs. He didn’t even know anything about business before. “Ang struggle talaga ng pagne-negosyo ay naging sobrang mahirap,” he said.

But his family’s support motivated him to be determined and persevere further. His advice was to be patient and hardworking. “Huwag magmamadali, mas magandang nakikita mong lumalaki ang negosyo mo,” he added.

Pinoys are really fond of chips. If you’re interested in venturing into the chips business, you can read the inspiring stories of how a kamote chips business earns P70,000 a month or the healthy chips business earns P120,000 a month.

How To Make Lechon Kawali Chips

First, boil the pork belly until it softens. Once ready, let it cool and put it in a freezer until it gets frozen.

Run the frozen lechon kawali in a sharp slicer and cut it thinly, like chips. The next step is weighing the sliced lechon kawali and measuring it according to your desired packaging size.

To make it tastier, marinate the sliced lechon kawali in seasoning. Next, lay the slices on a rack and prepare them for curing and dehydrating.

Curing the meat makes it last longer and enhances its flavor and texture. Cure the meat for 2 to three days, checking daily to ensure the quality of the lechon kawali. The next part is frying the lechon kawali slices to turn them into crunchy chips.

Since the lechon kawali has been cured and dehydrated, it doesn’t cause the oil to splash when frying. Add flavoring, and it is now ready to pack.

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