Gourmet Isaw And Bopis In A Jar, A Creative Business Idea You Can Try

Pinoy street foods never go out of style. May it be in your nearest street corner or in a mall, street foods are close to every Pinoy’s heart. Since streetfoods seem to be a common business, is there still a way of elevating it? A mompreneur thought of an ingenious way of serving the usual isaw and bopis. Criselda Cruz decided to put them in a jar! Convenient, messy-free, and ready-to-go street food.

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According to Criselda, selling isaw and street foods has been their source of livelihood eversince their children were little. They would sell their isaw for P2 per stick and they would put it in a plastic bag. When her child bought home a gourmet tuyo in a jar, Criselda had the idea to start improving their isaw and turn it into “gourmet” too.

Yaya’s Gourmet Chicken Isaw in a jar was launched. From a capital of P2,000, their business is now earning over P25,000 a month. “Ngayon, nakaka- P2,500 jars kami monthly,” Criselda shared on GMA’s Pera Paraan.

They also widened their variations of isaw by offering other flavors such as garlic isaw, tocino style, barbecue style, and their bestseller spicy isaw.

Image by Pera Paraan via Facebook

How to make gourmet chicken isaw tocino

Prepare the ingredients which include chicken isaw, garlic, vinegar, salt and pepper, tomato sauce, sugar, and oil. Check if the isaw is fresh, it should be a bit firm to touch and white or pale in color.

In a pan, combine isaw with garlic, vinegar, salt, and pepper and cook until it boils. According to Criselda, you have to keep it covered and stop yourself from opening and mixing it together. She explained this is important to ensure that the isaw is cooked in the vinegar well. Let it cook for 30 minutes.

Once cooked, leave for an hour for the isaw to absorb all the flavors and juices. Then, you can now start frying the isaw in a cooking pan. Add the tomato paste and sugar and cook until it is slightly toasted.

Image by Pera Paraan via Facebook

Some safety tips to ensure your isaw-in-a-jar are clean and healthy to eat

Criselda shared that the jars or bottles should be sterilized. Before using, check the jars for any cracks or defects. They should also be completely dry inside before filling it with isaw. Use a funnel to transfer the isaw into the jars. Add the sauce until it’s filled. Wipe the mouth of the jar clean before securing it with the cover.

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