Pinoy Isaw Vendor in New York Earns over P800K Per Month

A Filipino street foods vendor in New York is really living “The Dream” as he earns over P800,000 a month. Stall owner Robin John Calalo has brought isaw, betamax, adidas, and other Pinoy street foods to the Big Apple.

Robin boy isaw
Image by Boy Isaw via Instagram

Robin is dubbed the “Boy Isaw” in New York as his stall is flocked by customers eager to taste Pinoy street foods. What started as a small-time venture is now worth over P200,000 a week or P800,000 earnings every month. In an interview with GMA, Robin shared he started his business from a capital of $50 or P2,500.

He got the idea for the business while craving Filipino street food at the market.

“I decided to buy from market with $50 then I cooked. I prepared a lot then I sold it. The first one who bought from me are friends and family,” he said in a mix of English and Filipino.

Believe it or not, Robin’s isaws are not just being flocked by Pinoys but even foreigners as well. His success was unexpected as he began his business in 2019, just when the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Boy isaw robin
Image by Boy Isaw via Instagram

According to @boy_isaw on Instagram, Robin sells his Pinoy street food faves on food fairs and online. He makes ready-to-grill street food products on sticks for his customers who prefer to grill at home.

Based on his Instagram post, Robin sells adidas, betamax, isaw, hotdog, chicken and others for  $3.50 or appropriate P175 per stick. To complete the Filipino experience, he also offers a cup of rice for $2 or P100. He has a promo of $14 or P700 for 3 sticks with drinks. According to his posts, his chicharon bulaklak is also a bestseller.

Aside from being a street foods seller, Robin is also a fitness instructor in the U.S.

boy isaw
Image by Boy Isaw via Instagram

Robin agrees that his success is made out of perseverance and working hard. He stated, “Isaw-Ihaw sa New York! Sabi nga ni Kuya Kim, pagdating sa negosyo mapa-Pilipinas man o ibang bansa, HARDWORK is the KEY!”

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