Homemade Ham: A Profitable Business Idea All Year Round

While ham is often associated with Christmas, it is actually a profitable business idea all year round. Jan Marfil’s family recipe of homemade ham is a perfect centerpiece for all your celebrations.

homemade ham
Image by Roma’s Homemade Ham via Facebook

Jan, the owner of Roma Homemade Ham, revealed how their business sustained even through the pandemic. Like almost all businesses, Jan admitted that they were badly affected with the restrictions of the pandemic. They lost many of their customers but that didn’t stop them from moving forward.

She shared on GMA’s Pera Paraan, “When the pandemic started, lahat ng accounts namin hindi nag-order. As in, zero.”

But the good quality of their ham that has been tested by their avid customers, pulled them through. Innovation also helped them survive as they adapted to the needs of their customers. Aside from their pork hams, they also made chicken ham. “Para sa mga customers na nagstay away na from pork,” Jan explained.

What makes Roma’s Homemade Ham a favorite all year round

Roma’s Homemade Ham has been making Premium Rolled Ham since 1985. It is best known for its special homemade taste with zero artificial preservatives, no chemicals and no MSG. It is pure meat with no extenders.

homemade ham
Image by Roma’s Homemade Ham via Facebook

Their bestseller, their rolled ham has a smoky and sweet flavor. Its exterior is slightly coated in white sugar to give its caramelized crunch.

Making Roma’s Premium Rolled Ham

Jan even shared their family’s recipe for their bestseller premium rolled ham. First, use pork kasim and check if there is a good distribution of meat and fat. For the dry ingredients, you have white sugar, rock salt, pepper, laurel leaves, and their own rub of “combination of different spices.”

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl that can submerge the entire pork. Add in curing salt and pineapple juice. Cure the ham for at least a week in the refrigerator. Curing means marinating or preserving the ham using salt, acid and sugar. Making ham takes time. So, the longer you marinate or cure the ham, the more delicious it becomes.

homemade ham
Image by Roma’s Homemade Ham via Facebook

After the curing process, the ham is smoked for six to eight hours. After all the processes, you are now ready to give your ham the glazing look that makes it more appetizing. Glazing is the final stage of ham making. Spread white sugar on the ham and torch it to slowly melt it.

The premium pork rolled ham is sold for P850 per kilo. The chicken ham is available for P650 per kilo.

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