How Much to Start a Milk Tea Business in the Philippines

The milk tea craze continues in the Philippines – and it can be a good idea to cash in on that trend by starting your own milk tea business.

But how much will it cost to start a milk tea business in the Philippines?

Starting a Milk Tea Business from Scratch

A lot of people want to make a name for themselves in business and wish to start a brand from scratch. That’s fine, of course! But take note that you’ll have to lay a lot of groundwork in growing your brand in this manner.

How Much to Start a Milk Tea Business in the Philippines

If you’re starting a milk tea business from scratch, make sure to create original recipes to attract new clients. Also, it’s a good idea to create a good name that’s catchy and easy to remember.

Depending on how big your store will be, you can start with a small capital of less than Php10,000 or could need upwards of Php200,000.

With limited capital, you can start offering milk tea with regular disposable plastic cups you can buy from a wholesaler or offer the drink in reusable glass and mugs that you can simply wash and use again.

A milk tea shop in Iloilo makes use of bamboo cups as sustainable containers for their drinks!

You can start small and open a shop outside your house, with just a table and some chairs.

How Much to Start a Milk Tea Business in the Philippines

As your business grows, you can begin building a cart or even opening a physical store with your own brand. That’s how a college couple succeeded with Farron Café.

Starting a Milk Tea Business Through Franchise

Unsure where you can find suppliers for your milk tea and the things you need to prepare this drink? It’s also a good idea to franchise instead of building your business from scratch.

There are plenty of milk tea shops you can franchise. One of these is Sugar Panda Milk Tea which you can franchise for Php180,000.

How Much to Start a Milk Tea Business in the Philippines

You’ll need to shell out around Php600,000 to start the business but you’ll be selling products from a known brand and they’ll provide you with everything you need to start and grow your business.

Joy Adalia

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