Expert: PH, Among Earliest Adopters of Blockchain; Can Be Asia’s Blockchain Capital

Manila, PHILIPPINES – Blockchain is the next digital opportunity, according to Donald Lim, CEO of DITO CME.

The Philippines is also tagged as one of the earliest and fastest adopters of the Blockchain Technology, especially during the height of Play-to-Earn game Axie Infinity which gave Filipinos an income opportunity from playing the game during the COVID lockdown.

Lim also stated that the Philippines has the possibility of becoming the Blockchain Capital of Asia with this fast adoption.


He also emphasized that it is not only through Play-to-Earn games that Blockchain is useful but also in so many cases. An example is storing and transmitting data, giving everyone the transparency of ownership which will be useful for companies and the government.

In a simple explanation, it’s an open-book verified ledger that cannot be tampered with.

According to Ida Tiongson, Board of Trustees in Fintech Philippines Association, the Blockchain Technology can also be used as a fundraising method through cryptocurrencies or tokens as an alternative way to the traditional or centralized fundraising on the Stock Market.


Watch the coverage by Business News Philippines’ Sarah Nicole Santos here:

Oscar Tan Abing, Jr., CEO of Anotoys Collectibles, also shared how he turned his business and fandom of collecting toys to emerging in the Blockchain and Web3.

Abing will be launching the first ever Fugital Store in the Philippines in partnership with the Bored Ape through Anatoys Collectivers. It will be launched during the Blockchain Week.

Expert: PH, Among Earliest Adopters of Blockchain; Can Be Asia's Blockchain Capital

Anatoys Collectivers will also have a physical store in Uptown BGC this December for fans to enjoy. They will have licensed merchandise of the Bored Ape with a digital counterpart of NFTs.

He invites fans to The Blockchain Week so they can further learn how this can unite the fandom community through fugital assets and merchandise.

The Blockchain Week will be on Nov. 28 to Dec. 4, 2022, in Newport World Resorts Manila. Click here to know more about the event.

Sarah Nicole Tiu Santos

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