Rosmar Tan Declares Minimum Php5 Million Daily Income, Faces Possible BIR Tax Case?

When entrepreneur and social media influencer Rosmar Tan (real name Rosemarie Peñamora Tan Pamulaklakin) declared that she earns a minimum of Php5 million daily on “slow days” and up to Php13 million on better ones, some netizens believe that she might face a possible tax case with the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue).

Other netizens and avid followers think that she should have just kept quiet about her impressive earnings, while bashers gleefully laughed because the BIR now has some basis to file a case against her – and all because she ‘flexed’ or boasted about it.

Rosmar Tan’s Viral Interview with Toni Gonzaga

To give her the benefit of the doubt, we can’t really say that Rosmar was boasting about her earnings when she talked about it in her interview with actress-host Toni Gonzaga.

She was probably just trying to inspire her followers and Toni’s viewers because she started her business empire with next to nothing.

According to Rosmar, the big break actually happened when she adopted a bulldog but it was supposed to be put down due to mange (a skin disease due to microscopic mites burrowing under affected mammals’ skin).

She recalled that the doctor/vet advised them to try using madre de cacao (a type of plant) to treat the animal’s skin. But when she asked her dad to get the plant, she also told him to take extras so she could sell them.

Rosmar Tan Declares Minimum Php5 Million Daily Income, Faces Possible BIR Tax Case?
Photo credit: GMA News

And while she was bashed at the time for selling the ‘overpriced’ leaves for Php100 per bundle, she said that it inspired her to start a business. She sold “Mysterious Madre de Cacao” made from the leaves for Php350 per bottle.

From there, she started earning Php40,000 a day.

She also opened other businesses and created her own skincare line – and now earns a whopping Php5 million or more a day.

Rosmar Tan’s Tax

However, one netizen was quick to point out that if Rosmar earns that much, and the ‘simplified’ tax computation is at 30%, then she earns Php1.8 billion a year and should actually pay Php540 million in taxes.

In 2021, the BIR had issued a memorandum that reminded social media influencers to pay their taxes to the government.

There’s no word yet on whether Rosmar is actually paying that much in taxes, but the BIR might soon issue a statement on this issue.

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