Vicki Belo’s Lucky Staff Travel around the World, Even Just to Buy Cake

What is it like to be a part of Vicki Belo’s staff? The celebrity doctor’s make-up artist and personal assistant spill the beans – and it’s all fun, perks, travels, and bonuses! Wow.

Vicki Belo’s Lucky Staff Have Lots of Fun at Work

Not a lot of people are lucky with their jobs – and it’s a sad reality that even the staff and workers of rich and famous people aren’t always treated right or paid well.

Thankfully, that’s not what celebrity doctor Vicki Belo and her husband Hayden Kho are doing to their staff.

Make-up artist Marife (who has been with the celebrity doctor for 27 years) and personal assistant Millet (15 years as Vicki Belo’s staff) shared that they’ve enjoyed a lot of perks at their respective jobs.

They’ve traveled around the world with Belo and Kho for various reasons, but usually for fashion events.

But they’ve also done their fair share of traveling solo to get stuff for the couple.
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For example, Millet has flown to France just to buy Belo’s favorite Jean-Paul Hevin cake. Kho chimed in saying that he also makes Millet fly to Paris to get Belo a cake when he wants to make up for some mistake he’s made.

The two gushed over the celebrity doctor couple, saying that they’re truly lucky to work for them.

Some places that Millet has gone to include Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta in the US as well as London (UK), Italy, Singapore, France, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Places that Marife has gone to include Canada, Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, Singapore, Africa, Maldives, the Arctic, and many others.

There were even times when they received huge bonuses that they could only use to shop for luxury items when they were traveling with the couple. They’re truly lucky, huh?

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