Rosmar Tan Confirms Tax Payments, Being A BIR Ambassadress

After facing criticism over alleged ‘unpaid taxes’, Rosmar Tan confirmed that she’s actually honest with tax payments and is also a BIR ambassadress!

Rosmar Tan as BIR Top Withholding Agent

Some days ago, Rosmar Tan went viral after announcing that she earns at least Php5 million a day and up to Php13 million on ‘better’ days. This led many netizens to conclude that she’s going to face a tax case soon.

Others even calculated her possible income tax, saying that she should have kept all her income info to herself instead of ‘bragging’ about them because now the BIR will be after her for sure.

However, it appears that Rosmar is one step ahead of her bashers.

In a post, the entrepreneur and social media influencer mused that she used to be afraid of the BIR as well, especially whenever the government agency does tax mapping.

But that was back in 2015 when she was just starting out and didn’t know better.

She explained that she became a BIR ambassadress last year, and has since been paying all the taxes she’s supposed to pay for her earnings.

Rosmar Tan Confirms Tax Payments, Being A BIR Ambassadress
Photo credit: Rosemarie Tan Pamulaklakin

She added that even the gifts that she and her family give to each other, such as the Php5 million her parents gave to her sibling on their wedding, plus the Php1 million she also gifted, were all properly accounted for and paid the 5% tax for donations.

Rosmar also claims that she’s one of the BIR’s top withholding agents, with other entrepreneurs shocked over the amount she’s paying.

And while the others tried to teach her ways to circumvent her tax dues, Rosmar claims that she pays exactly what she owes the government.

She also confirmed that all her properties, vehicles, and business earnings are also taxed and paid properly.


What’s a Donor’s Tax?

A donor’s tax is the tax on a gift or donation that’s imposed on the transfer of property, such as a vehicle or real property, between two or more living persons at the time of transfer.

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