US-PH Delegates To Study The Tax Reforms To Understand How PH Businesses Can Grow

Trade and investments between the United States and the Philippines will be promoted tomorrow by an American business delegation.

The delegates will visit the Philippines to review the tax reforms. This is after the heightened number of frequent high-level official exchanges that happened between the two countries.

This is highlighted by the November meeting during the ASEAN summit of the two presidents of the said countries, President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines and President Donald Trump of the United States.


The review of the tax reforms by the delegates of the US-Philippines Society will focus on the enhancement of cybersecurity as well as the incentives for stimulating business and job growth in both countries.

To gain more understanding of the current administration’s domestic and foreign policies, the members of the society will meet with President Duterte and his economic team that will be led by Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez.

Among the agenda to be talked about is the bilateral agreement where the added protection for Overseas Filipino Workers.

The US-Philippines Society President Ambassador John F. Maisto made it clear that their visit is not a political one and that their aim is to strengthen the relations between the two countries.

“We come to Manila as a private, non-political delegation to support and strengthen the modern multi- dimensional 21st-century US-Philippines relationship, and to seek advice and support for carrying the Society’s mission forward in 2018,”

The Society’s co-chair, Manuel V. Pangilinan, will host the business mission and board of directors co-chair John D. Negroponte, former ambassador to the Philippines and Deputy Secretary of State, will then lead the US delegation.

The delegates hope to learn more about every sector that will benefit if ever they establish more American investments. At the same time, they also hope to encourage Philippine businesses to look for investment opportunities in the United States.

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