Various Reforms To Be Implemented By SSS In 2018

Various reforms have been laid out by the Social Security Commission (SSC). These reforms are to be implemented this 2018 and is said that would help the members and pensioners od the Social Security System (SSS) that is now more than35 million.

SSC, which is the policy-making body of SSS released a statement that said it approved various reforms that are slated to be implemented next year last Wednesday.


One of these reforms to be implemented next year is the real-time posting of every members’ contribution payments through tellering facilities and also other payment channels.

“The SSC approved the implementation of the electronic collection system (e-CS) to facilitate the real-time posting of contribution payments in SSS tellering facilities by Jan. 16 of next year,”

Another improvement that the SSC is looking into is the establishment of e-services that will help facilitate payment of contribution through internet banking or online payments.

Furthermore, the SSC is also considering allowing pre-employment registration. That means the registration process for new entrants into the workforce of the country will ease out.

“The SSC is looking at this pre-employment registration wherein even individuals who are still in secondary schools may be able to have their SS number already, years before they are ready to enter the workforce. In this case, employers will no longer have the inconvenience of registering them into the system,”

Meanwhile, there are also priority projects that the council said it will focus on next year.

These projects include the Overseas Filipino Workers Care Council that will connect the OFWs to the SSS so they can see their updates on payments, there is also the enforcement of collection through warrant of Distraint, Levy and Garnishment, and last is the accelerated development of the SSS prime properties through joint ventures which is projected to yield 10-12% return on investment.

Another good news is that pensioners can expect to receive their 13th month pays, according to the SSC.

On the hand, in the same note and as support to the administration’s programs, SSC is also pursuing anti-corruption initiatives.

SSC said the four officials currently under probe for allegedly trading stocks using information from an SSS-accredited stockbroker “will have their day in court.”

To ensure complete and thorough investigation on the matter, the SSC also welcomed the planned Congressional probe to be led by Eastern Samar Rep. Ben Evardone, as well as the participation of other government agencies.

Source: PhilStar

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