9 Business Ideas Which You Can Start Under P1,000

Opening a business brings you closer to financial independence. But some people claim that they didn’t start a business because they don’t have any capital to spare. That’s the wrong mindset! There are actually lots of business ideas which you can start under Php1,000.

Check out these 9 business ideas that you can start for as low as less than Php1,000:

business for just below Php1,000

1. Longganisa Business

Pinoys love to eat longganisa. You can bank on this to start a business. Did you know that longganisa is actually easy to make? You can experiment on a variety of flavors and styles until you get the best results.

Considering that food business like this involves perishable goods, you might need to later invest in a fridge but longganisa sells fast, especially if you make delicious ones.

2. Fishball and Tempura Business

In starting a business, you can never go wrong with street foods. Fishball and tempura remain among the top-selling street food items, but you can later add other items for variety. Kwek kwek, siomai, and squid rolls are also easy to sell.

3. Plant Business

These days, a lot of plantitas and plantitos are willing to spend a lot of money on precious green babies. If you have plants at home, you can already begin your plant business right away. You can also acquire more plants to grow and later sell, but make sure you’re not breaking the law by selling rare plants that can only be found in mountains and forests.

4. Gift Baskets Business

Flower bouquets remain popular as gifts, but there’s also a growing trend for gift baskets. If you can find a local supplier for beautifully handcrafted baskets at cheap prices, then that would be truly perfect. Practice different arrangements for the gift baskets and try to offer a variety of products to get a wider share of the market.

5. Homemade Baked Products Business

A lot of homes have an oven or gas range. If you have these kitchen appliances, then it would be easy for you to start a business selling homemade baked products. But even if you had none, there are actually a lot of ways to improvise – and you can use a pot as makeshift steamer to bake your cakes.

6. Puto Business

Photo credit: Taste Atlas

Puto is an all-time delicacy that you can enjoy as breakfast, snack, or dessert! What’s so great about puto is that it is easy and cheap make. Moreover, because Pinoys love puto, this is also so easy to sell.

7. Coffee Business

With a lot of people flocking to expensive coffee shops, it is hard to imagine how you can sell cheap coffee and get a lot of customers. But a number of people did that – and it worked! A number of coffee businesses opened amid the COVID-19 crisis, selling cheap but delicious coffee by the roadside. Even the ones that offered instant coffee grew their business.

8. Drop-Shipping Business

Thanks to the internet, drop-shipping businesses have also become popular. Moreover, you don’t even need a lot of capital for this one because your role is to find customers and sell products to them that are subsequently shipped by the seller/store.

You act as middleman for the seller/store. This low-risk business model lets you sell products without actually handling the items. Just make sure the shop is reputable before selling their products.

9. Freelancer Services Business

If you are good at something, you can start a business using those skills. Considering that you probably have the items you need for the job already available at home, you wouldn’t need a lot of money to start this business.

All you have to do is build your portfolio and find clients.

Indeed, there are lots of ways to start a business and earn money even if you don’t have a big capital. Just as SM’s Henry Sy used to say, “Think big, start small but move fast!”

Joy Adalia
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