5 Top Convenience Store Franchises In The Philippines You Can Invest In

Convenience stores are a good investment if you know how to manage them well. One of the major concerns of a convenience store is inventory management because you have many items, but once you nail that part, you could reap huge profits! You could start a small grocery store from scratch, or you could also go with a popular convenience store franchise available.

If you intend to franchise a convenience store, here are a few details on some of the popular stores in the Philippines.

Judgefloro, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

1. 7-Eleven Philippines

One of the most popular convenience stores you can see anywhere in the country is 7-Eleven. The total cash outlay to franchise a 7-Eleven branch is between P3.5 million to P5 million. This includes the franchise fee of P600,000, initial store supplies worth P170,000, initial merchandise worth P800,000, construction costs of approximately P2 million pesos, plus the advance rent and deposit, and other fees. The costs are also subject to change, so it’s best to attend their franchise briefing. For more details, you can check out their website.

2. FamilyMart Express

Aside from the regular FamilyMart franchise, they are now promoting a more affordable franchise option, the FamilyMart Express. The initial investment cost is around P500,000, which is up to 90% lower than their regular franchise packages. It’s a smaller version of their regular branch and has retail areas of 15 sqm to 20 sqm. To apply and learn more, check their website.

3. Ministop

Ministop is now labeled with the best-selling Uncle John’s fried chicken and other items. The initial investment capital can be around P3.8 million, with a franchise fee of P600,000. The term is at 5 years. If you think this suits your vision, you can attend their Ministop franchise presentation. Check their website and contact them at [email protected].

4. San Miguel Food Avenue

If you prefer San Miguel Food Avenue, you have to prepare at least an initial investment of P1.5 million to P2.5 million. The franchise fee is P100,000 exclusive of vat. You can be a “Community Village Partner” by applying and securing a space of approximately 8×8 ft for assets and product storage.

They are also currently promoting a San Miguel Foods Onsite Selling and Community Reseller Program where you can set up a “Market day” in your house or community selling San Miguel products. For more details, you check their website or contact them at 8-632-2000 or [email protected].

5. Ultra Mega

Ultra Mega now offers a more affordable package than the ones they had before. With their Ultra Mega Value Mart being a micro-store concept, the initial investment package is around P2 million, with a franchise fee of P250,000. For more details, you can check their website or reach them at [email protected].

Remember that the figures are subject to change, so it’s always best to reach out to companies for more updated details. May you choose the right franchise for you. Good luck!

Sally Mae