Emerging Jobs in the Philippines Requires ‘Hybrid Skills’—LinkedIn

Jobseekers who aims to find job this year should be equipped with a ‘hybrid skills’ in technology, management, and communication, according to LinkedIn’s 2019 Emerging Jobs in the Philippines report.

Feon Ang, LinkedIn’s Vice President of Talent and Learning Solutions for Asia Pacific, said that the Emerging Jobs Report shows that there are new jobs emerging currently and that traditional roles have evolved into hybrids that did not exist five years ago.

Top emerging jobs in the Philippines

The report also identified the top emerging jobs in the country which are Data Scientist, Application Development Analyst, Back End Developer, Full Stack Engineer, and Sales Development Representative. Aside from identifying the top emerging jobs, the said report also enumerated the top skills for each for each job.

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Those who aspires to work as a Data Scientist should be equipped with skills in data analysis, Python SQL, R Programming and Machine Learning.

Adeptness in SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Java, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are required for an Application Development Analyst.

Back End Developer and Full Stack Engineer need to be knowledgeable in Java Script, PHP, MySQL, CSS, and JQuery.

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Lastly, an applicant for a Sales Development Representative position should be competent in the areas of customer service, sales, leadership, management, and marketing.

Business-process outsourcing

Meanwhile, the evolving business-process outsourcing (BPO) industry is moving up the value chain despite challenges of automation taking over routine tasks and jobs of low-skilled BPO workers.

The industry will be offering more complex services, considering the rise in knowledge outsourcing, digitalization in the public and private sectors, and the emergence of start-ups in the financial technology, agriculture, retail, and engineering.

LinkedIn noted that while the demand for these jobs is fast growing, the workforce supply is low. To address the gap, the online professional network encourages companies to upskill or reskill their existing employees.

There are over 6 million professionals in the country who are part of the LinkedIn network.

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