Former Construction Worker, Now Owns One of PH’s Biggest Pekin Duck Farm

A former construction worker is now an owner of one of the biggest Pekin duck farms in the Philippines.

Years ago,  Eulalio “Ayong” Lorenzo used to be seen mixing cement in a construction site. Now, he is known as Dr. Ayong, a veterinarian and owner of a duck farm with over 10,000 Pekin ducks.  His son also manages a restaurant that is visited by many for its roasted Pekin duck and Pekin duck ham.

dr ayong
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Dr. Ayong is now the chairman, president and chief executive officer of the EDL Group of Companies, one of the country’s most successful agri-venture companies now with 18 enterprises under its wings and still growing.

Humble beginnings

Dr. Ayong’s  inspiring story began when he was still a working student. On his way to becoming a veterinarian, he had to work on different construction sites to pay for his tuition fees.

According to Cathy, Dr. Ayong’s daughter, her father has always had a heart for the animals and agriculture industry. She shared that Dr. Ayong always dreamed of helping others by providing jobs.

Dr. Ayong has been known to be street smart and has impeccable work ethics. Due to his dedication and hard work, he didn’t only become a veterinarian but an astute businessman.

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Pekin duck business

Rearing Pekin Ducks in the Philippines is not difficult because Pekin ducks adapt well to our climate. However, in order to ensure healthy and well-grown Pekin Ducks in the country, there are a lot of guidelines to follow.

It is critical to make sure that each duck can roam around the place freely. So, the more ducks you have, the bigger your range should be. To avoid diseases, the place should be kept dry and clean.

Dr. Ayong imported his Pekin ducks directly from Grimaud Freres in France, which is known around the world for its genetically improved waterfowls and festive poultry field.

The ducks are grown into his 16-hectare EDL Farmhouse. According to Dr. Ayong, the farmhouse is one of its kind in the Philippines. It produces high quality duck meat and meat products. They market their meat under the “Primaduck” brand.

pekin duck
Image by Pera Paraan via Facebook

“It’s very timely to propagate the love of duck meat among Filipinos as a substitute to pork considering the obstacle presented by the African Swine Fever (ASF) virus on the hogs industry,” Dr. Ayong said.

Dr. Ayong’s son manages “Yong-A Oriental Roast Duck.” It is a fast-casual Chinese restaurant, that specializes in authentic oriental roasting of Pekin duck meats.

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