Former Pharmacy Salesman Now Owns 90 Pharmacy Outlets

He was once just an ordinary pharmacy salesman but in his aim to earn more money, Roderick Battung eventually owned 90 pharmacy outlets! Quite unbelievable, right?

Battung sold medicines and medical supplies for GlaxoSmithKline and Xeno Pharmaceuticals. But such a job does not really earn a lot of money; thus, he began looking for other options to earn extra cash.

The Battung brothers; James, Roderick, Joey and Louie
Photo credit: Entrepreneur PH

He thought about choosing a franchise but was unsure of which one to take; though he began researching about gas stations, water refilling stations, and other franchise options. Who would have thought that he would become the owner of 90 outlets of The Generics Pharmacy (TGP)?

One day, a TGP Franchisee (Jojo Macua), who was working at our pharma company, showed me his drugstore located in Tondo. I was amazed to learn that he has more than one branch and was managing it while working. He intimated that aside from profits, the smile they bring to customers buying low-priced medicines gives him much joy,” Battung shared.

Feeling that he finally found the right franchise, Battung decided to apply, the help of Macua.

Immediately, I asked my mother to spare me a space in her rented place in our hometown [in Cagayan Valley]. Jojo helped me accomplish the application at TGP. In a few weeks, the approval came. We immediately recruited a pharmacist, started renovation of the site and prepared our staff,” Battung added.

From that first store, Battung’s outlets began to grow in Cagayan Valley.

The branch in Aparri
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Then, he heard of a franchisee selling several outlets in Laguna. Seeing this as the opportunity he needed for further expansion, Battung bought the outlets.

Just a few years later, he has grown his chain of pharmacies not just around Cagayan Valley and Laguna but also to several places in Visayas and Mindanao, including in Negros Occidental, Iloilo, Davao City, Agusan del Norte, and Surigao del Sur.

A TGP branch in Bacolod
Photo credit: Bacolod Pages

From a lowly pharma salesman, who would have thought he’d own 90 pharmacy outlets across the Philippines? Congratulations, Sir!

Joy Adalia
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