Guy Shares Inspiring Story as He Went from Rich to Very Poor to Rich Again

One guy who was successful early in life and got rich would experience getting scammed and becoming very poor; but through hard work and determination, he was able to get back on his feet and got rich again! So, what happened?

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Walang ibang gagawa ng success story mo kundi sarili mo,” Sherwin Gonzales said, after sharing what he went through to find success in life again.

According to Sherwin, he graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering. But he didn’t work in his field. Instead, he found various ways to earn money through businesses. As a kid, he would gather bottles and other materials that could still be recycled, so he could earn some money. He used that as base for him to earn money as an adult.

Little by little, Sherwin enjoyed the fruits of his success. His businesses grew. He earned good money by buying and selling cars. But being rich didn’t make Sherwin content at the time. So, when he had a client who seemed to have a lot of money and was earning money so quickly, he decided to join in that client’s business.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News / Facebook

He took a loan of Php2 million to invest in that client’s business and was happy to see that his money was growing so quickly! But just a few months later, he lost his entire investment and was left in deep debt because the ‘business’ turned out to be scam!

It came to a point when he had to hide so that the banks and collecting agents won’t find him. It was one of the toughest points in his life, but he is thankful that his wife Michelle Gonzales stayed by his side. He didn’t know what to do and had to rely on a sibling, but soon decided to take control of his life again.

He began to build his business from scratch, but this time more careful in the investments he enters. He tried buy and sell, became a real estate agent, and learned how to be a forex trader. From being rich to dirt poor, he would soon become rich again with the many businesses he operates.

Today, he and his wife own a grand mansion in Binangonan, Rizal! Watch his inspiring story here:

Yumaman, naghirap, yumaman ulit!

"Mas mahirap pa ako sa daga pero nakuha ko'ng makabangon."Suwerte pagdating sa pera si Sherwin Gonzales kaya patok ang mga negosyong pinapasok niya. Pero nagbago ang lahat nang mabiktima siya ng isang investment scam at malubog sa utang. Narito ang kuwento kung papaano siya nakabangon.

Posted by ABS-CBN News on Monday, January 20, 2020

What’s a Scam?

A scam is a form of bad scheme that often involves money. The scammer makes the other person believe that something is for real and very useful or profitable through confidence tricks. For example, the scammer might give the other person something of value to make him/her trust that the transaction is supposedly true.

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