How Wearing Simple Wardrobe Benefits Businessmen

Do you ever wonder why successful people like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, physicist Albert Einstein and US President Barack Obama wear the same type of wardrobe almost everyday?

These great minds’ wardrobe choices have certainly intrigued people. While Zuckerberg prefers to be in grey shirt, jeans and hoodie despite his stature, the late Jobs was always dressed in black turtleneck and jeans. Einstein was clad in different of versions of his gray suit, while President Obama wears only blue or grey suits.


According to an article published in Entrepreneur, there’s a deeper reason as to why these brilliant people tend to limit their wardrobe. Interestingly, businessmen can apply this peculiar “fashion strategy”.

1. It will save your time and mental energy.

Picking an outfit in the morning is one task that you can get rid of if you have the same outfits. This will certainly save you time as well as mental energy which could have been put towards business decisions. Moreover, it keeps you more productive as there will be less distraction.

2. It will save you money.

Buying a variety of full wardrobe costs money which you can put to support the growth of your business. Instead of spending money on wardrobe which you wouldn’t be able to wear most of the time, invest the money in your business.

3. It will become your signature.

Businessmen need to stand out from many others in their field. Aside from having the right set of skills, you need to create an image that will set you apart from your competitors. Zuckerberg and Jobs definitely achieved this with their warm and approachable image.

Keeping a simple wardrobe does not necessarily mean that you have to wear the same outfit everyday. You may buy a few wardrobe staples which you can easily match with your other clothes in order to save time and effort from choosing an outfit.

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